Gladiator Tournament

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The Master is calling! We are looking for the greatest warrior out there to enter the Gladiator Tournament.

The tournament not only about PvP but more about Survival!

Survive at all cost, is the key of this tournament!

How To Join

  • This event happens at 1:00 and 13:00 everyday.
  • To join the event, talk to Gladiator NPC that appear in most town before the event starts.
  • You can join as:
    • Gladiator, where you can join the fight
    • Spectator where you can watch the fight

Event Rules

  • No gear restriction
  • Party is allowed
  • Your buffs will be dispelled once you enter the arena

Points and Ranking

You can check your points and ranking at Gladiator Manager NPC in upper Asgard.




  • Each kill will give you 1 WPS
  • Each death drops 1x 8967.png Green Skull

Top Player

Top player will receive custom aura.

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