Ghost Palace

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Ghost Palace


  • Base Level 120+
  • Access to the Dimensional Rift.

Obtainable Rewards

Instance Guide

  1. Speak to Teleport Device in Asgard, it will take you to Dimension Rift!
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  2. Inside the Dimensional Rift, goto floor 2.
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  3. Speak to Unpleasant Royal Guard to reserve the Instance and the Dimensional Device to Enter.
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      • I will help
    • image.png.b1bd7c5fbed35f8443223055b134e46c.png
      • Enter
  4. Once inside, you talk to the King to start the events. After some dialogue, monsters will spawn. Kill them to proceed to the next area. Every monster in this instance has a chance to drop Gray Shards.
  5. Inside the room, talk to Unpleasant Royal Guard. Monsters will attack again after the dialogue. Dispatch them to move on.
  6. Inside the dungeon, talk to the King and watch the scene unfold. Defeat all the monsters again to make the portal appear. There is a second wave of monsters after the portal appears. Make sure to kill them all first before entering.
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  7. Eliminate the monsters on this floor to make the NPCs appear. Talk to the Unpleasant Royal Guard to trigger the boss. Proceed to the next room after defeating the boss.
  8. You'll be back to the dungeons again. Talk to the Princess to trigger the events. Defeat the monsters again to summon the final boss.
  9. After defeating the boss, speak to Sakray.
    • image.png.ed036f0a058c73b121a0bc1a07e13f06.png
  10. You can then talk to the King to exchange your Gray Shards into Thanos Weapons or Gray Armors. Exit through the portal to receive 20 Gray Shards if it's your first time, or 10 Gray Shard if you've done the instance before.
    • image.png.ccd958bd36d7fe797d96b0f22765d350.png

Thanos Weapons and Gray Armors

The King can also be found outside the Ghost Palace.


Each Weapon can be bought for 100 Shards each

Each Armor can be bought for 50 Shards each

Other items

  • Exchange 27184.pngKnight Sakray Card​for 10000 Shards.
  • Exchange Gray Abrasive for 50 Shards.

Thanos Equipment Random Options (Enchants)

Possible Random Options List

Melee (physical) Magic (magical) Range (distance)



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