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Disclaimer: its up to you if you want to follow this guide as it is.

Job Base(s): Alchemist
Job Type: 3-2
Changes At: Al De Baran
Number of Skills: 19
Total Skill Points: 59
Total Quest Skills: 0
Job Bonuses
+3 +6 +6 +12 +8 +2


Genetics are one of the most powerful classes there is, but it's really expensive to start as one since they require alot of materials for their skill catalyst. Versatility is one word to describe them, they can deal with any kind of foe regardless of element.

Job Change Guide

Changing your characters from Novice -> Merchant -> Alchemist -> High Novice -> High Merchant -> Creator -> Genetic can be done by talking to Admiral npc in most towns. Select the second option on the dialogue window.


Change Job

Note: to successfully change job, your character must fully allocate all available skill points and/or take off cart or mounts as required by Admiral npc.



Variable cast time can reduced by INT and DEX, once you get 530 = INT + DEX*2, you will have 100% variable cast.

Fixed cast time is only reduceable by equipment such as Dex boots or supporting skills like Sacrament.


Acid Bomb/Demonstration

This build relies solely on Acid Bomb its main damage source and Fire Expansion "aoe" Acid bomb.

Str: 100~110

Agi: 40~50

Vit: 80~90

Int: 80~100, total int should be enough for instant cast, not more.

Dex: 120

Luk: 60~75-90

Cart Cannon

This build focuses on spamming its main damage skill, Cart Cannon which is based on INT and ATK. Make sure your total int is a multiple of 40, like 120, 140 etc.

Str: 70~90-100

Agi: 80~100

Vit: 40~50

Int: 100~120

Dex: 90~110

Luk: 60~


Everyone has their own style of building. This is just one example of what it can be. Focusing on Acid Demonstration and Fire Expansions as main DPS.

Str: 90~

Agi: 80~

Vit: 90~

Int: 90~

Dex: 120

Luk: 75~










Most equips need high refine, be warned.

Item Name Cards
Top Headgear Old Midas Whispers, Ship Captain Hat, Ancient Gold Decoration STR/INT EOE LV3, Duneyrr, Dark Pinguicula, Maya Purple, Violent Coelancanth, Fenrir
Middle Headgear Robo Eye, Black Devil Mask, Crow Tengu Mask None
Lower Headgear Spiked Scarf, Foxtail, Golden Fish in Mouth, Father's White Moustache, Crimson Rose, Tengu Scroll
Armor Heroic Light Mail, Diablos Armor, +7Excellion Suit(with ATK, ATK, STR or Unfrozen), Cursed Mail Tao Gunka, Gloom Under Night, Ktullanux, Porcellio, Peco Peco, Marc, Mistress of Shelter
Weapon Naght Sword (Red or Blue), Crimson Mace, Thanatos Hammer, Robot's Mechanical Arm, Slotted Byeollungum, Glorious Morning Star Randgris, Zipper Bear, White Knight, Archer Skeleton, Abysmal Knight
Shield Immune Shield, Valkyrja's Shield, Mad Bunny Golden Thief Bug, Alice, Khalitzburg Knight
Garment +7/+9Fallen Angel Wings (with EA enchants), Exellion Wings (x3 ATK), Faceworm Skin with STR or INT Deviling, Raydric, Menblatt, Infinite Chimera
Shoes Applause Sandals, Dex Boots (with EA and Reckles Magic or Lucky day) Amon Ra, Infinite Vagabond Wolf, Matyr, Verit, Green Ferus
Accessories Pendant of Maelstrom, Heroic Ring with DEX/INT and ATK%, Bakonawa Tattoo Phen, Gold Scaraba

Donation: Simple as all damage enchants.


For PvP and WoE, its more advisable to go reduction equips like:

Item Name Cards
Top Headgear +12 Cat Ear Beret Maya Purple, Bungisngis, Fenrir
Middle Headgear Blush of Gloom None
Lower Headgear Hankerchief in Mouth or Foxtail
Armor +9 Kardui's Robe or +9 Woe Suit Tao Gunka, Marc, Angeling(for Kardui set bonus), Ghostring
Weapon +9 or more Glorious Morning Star None
Shield +9 Armoured Sleeve Guard Golden Thief Bug or Thara Frog
Garment Triple Cranial enchanted Archangel Wings Deviling, Raydric or Noxious
Shoes Dex Boots (with EA and Reckles Magic or Lucky day) Matyr or Green Ferus
Accessories Pendant of Maelstrom Gold Scaraba, Smokie, Alligator or Errende Ebecee

Donation: A mix between Redux and HP or just all Redux.


Starter edition

Item Name Cards
Top Headgear Tucano Hat Siorava
Middle Headgear Robo Eyes or Eye of Darkness None
Lower Headgear None
Armor Any enchantable armor with LUK or DEX Baby Leopard
Weapon Keris (with Dex or Luk) Injustice
Shield Any shield Zealotus Card
Garment Giant Faceworm Skin (with Dex or Int or Luk) None
Shoes Dex Boots None
Accessories Orleans Glove Zerom Card

End Game edition

Item to upgrade from starter edition.

Item Name Cards
Top Headgear (+3/+6/+9/+12)Ancient Gold Deco Siorava
Middle Headgear Black Devil Mask, Ancient Elven Ears None
Lower Headgear Golden Fish in Mouth
Armor Heroic Light Mail(High refine in multiple of 2) Baby Leopard
Garment Slotted Giant Faceworm Skin (with Dex or Int or Luk) Green Maiden (depending on refine), EOE Int lv3
Shoes +10 or more Applause Sandals Amon Ra


  • +9> Top Headgear x3 Sun enchants and Siorava
  • Aura and Wings with DEX or LUK


Main article: Homunculus and Homunculus S Quest

Here is a quick breakdown of the homunculus and their uses:

  • Bayeri - a horse/unicorn look alike that gives its owner safety walls and a high dmg holy attack.
  • Dieter - a walking rock bottle, one of the best homunculus to go with as it offers more damage, more reduction and debuff.
  • Eira - an elf look like, that provides 500 fixed flee and can removes some status such as Sleep and Deep Sleep.
  • Eleanor - a cat lady look like, this one is an upgraded version of Filir.
  • Sera - a bee, that provides a massive damage reduction and other kind of debuffes.

Class Information


Skill Description Levels Type
Blood Sucker.png

Blood Sucker

Throuws a blood sucking plant that absorbs HP from a target to recover caster's HP. Requires a Bloodsuck Plant Seed. 5 Offensive
Bomb Creation.png

Bomb Creation

Creates fruit bombs such as Banana Bomb for Item Sling skill. 2 Active
Cart Boost (Geneticist).png

Cart Boost (Geneticist)

Increases Movement Speed by 100% and ATK by 50 at max level. 5 Supportive
Cart Cannon.png

Cart Cannon

Shoots target using Cannon Balls in a 7x7 area around the target. 5 Offensive
Cart Remodeling.png

Cart Remodeling

Increases Cart Weight by 2500 and Hit rate of Cart Skills by 20 at max level. It also increases damage of other Cart Skills, such as Cart Cannon. 5 Passive
Cart Tornado.png

Cart Tornado

Spins the Cart to deal damage to all enemies in a 5x5 area around the user. 5 Offensive
Change Material.png

Change Material

Changes ingredients used for Potion Creation skills into another ingredient at random. 1 Active
Crazy Vines.png

Crazy Weed

Summons a huge plant mass that deals Earth property damage to all targets nearby and removing any ground skills in the area. 10 Offensive
Demonic Fire.png

Demonic Fire

Throws a Bottle Grenade at the ground to create a sea of fire to continually deal Fire property damage to all enemies in a 5x5 area and causes Burning status by chance. 5 Offensive
Fire Expansion.png

Fire Expansion

Throws an item on an area with Demonic Fire active and causes various effects depending on the thrown item.


5 Offensive
Hallucination Drug.png

Hallucination Drug

At max level it reduces HIT -50 and causes Hallucination status in a 29x29 area. 5 Active
Hell Plant.png

Hell Plant

Summons a plant from hell onto the ground, which deals damage to whoever steps on it and causes Stun and Bleeding statuses by chance. 5 Offensive
Item Sling.png

Item Sling

Throws an item that is crafted by Bomb Creation, needs to equip it as it count as ammunition. 1 Active
Mandragora Howling.png

Howling of Mandragora

Pulls a live Mandragora from the ground which releases a wild scream in a 11x11~15x15 around the user that, by chance, decreases INT by 4|20, drains SP by 30%~50% and increases their Fixed Cast Time by 0.5~2.5 seconds of all targets nearby.

5 Active
Mixed Cooking.png

Mixed Cooking

Mixes various ingredients to create incredibly delicious food. 2 Active
Special Pharmacy.png

Special Farmacy

Creates a new variety of potions and drinks. 10 Active
Spore Explosion.png

Spore Explosion

Throws an explosive mushroom spore to a target which explodes after some time, dealing damage to all enemies in a 9x9 area around the target at max level. Requires a Bomb Mushroom Spore. 5 Offensive
Sword Training.png

Sword Training

Increases ATK by 50 and Hit rate by 15 with swords at max level. 5 Passive
Thorn Trap.png

Thorn Trap

Throws a thorny trap onto the ground, immovilising and dealing damage over time to whoever steps on it. Requires a Seed of Horny Plant and can be removed by getting hit with any Fire damage skill or autoattack. 5 Offensive
Thorn Wall.png

Thorn Wall

Makes wall of thorns around target location that deals damage in contact. Requires a Seed of Horny Plant and can be turned into fire wall by hitting it with any Fire damage skill or autoattack. 5 Offensive

Job Bonuses

Stat\Amount +1 +2 +3 +4 +5 +6 +7 +8 +9 +10 +11 +12
STR 34 51 56
AGI 8 20 29 40 47 55
VIT 15 18 24 25 52 57
INT 1 2 7 12 23 35 36 41 44 45 50 60
DEX 3 6 13 19 28 39 53 59
LUK 31 58

Genetic Alternative Outfit

By talking to the Dress Genie near the Event Genie, you can change your outfit to a new one. It consumes

32095.png Deluxe Dress Ticket


Note: for the default version you can just choose old outfit option, ticket is only used for new one.