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In this guide, I will explain what our game interface content does, what each buttons are used for, how to setup a nice skill bar and how to add key binds.

Basic Info

  • Key Combination: [Alt] + [v]
  • The basic information of your:
    • Character Name
    • Job Name
    • HP/SP
    • Base Level / Job Level
    • Current and Total Weight of your inventory.
    • Total zeny, that you carries.

Main Menu


  • Status
  • Equipment
  • Inventory
  • Skills
  • Party
  • Guild
  • Battleground (Unused)
  • Quest Log
  • World Map
  • Navigation
  • Options
  • Bank
  • Replay
  • Mail
  • Achievement
  • Tip of the Day
  • Shortcut Description
  • Twitter (Unused)
  • The icons with "N" stands for NEW
    • Means there there is an update on certain feature.


  • Alt + A
  • Basic3.png
    • Here it shows your Character Stats.
    • Tips: If you have many Status Point, you can use a quick command to spend them on certain Stat.
      • Type ingame /agi+ 100 or /str +100 or /vit +50 etc, to distribute the Status Point faster than clicking.

Equipment Window

  • Alt + Q
  • General Equipment Tab
    • Basic4.png
    • You can equip, top hats, mid hats, low hats, body part, R / L Hand weapon, robe, shoes and accessories.
    • You can mark "Show Equip" to allow other's to view your equipments
    • Set item setting = currently disabled (remind of updating this guide when we have this function working default_tongue.png)
  • Costume Equipment Tab
    • Basic5.png
    • Here you can equip Costume top hat, Costume mid hat, Costume low hat for extra fashion, you can also enchant your costume hats with Gemstone from Cash Shop later on.
    • Costume Shadow Equipment are also for this tab for extra bonus, they are obtained from Battleground shops.
    • Costume Garment is the Wings that you can wear, they can be purchased from Cash Shop.
  • Title
    • Basic6.png
    • If you complete achievement that unlocks a Title, it will be available here for you to select.
    • After selecting a Title, it will be displayed beside your Character name ingame.
  • Equipment Switch
    • Basic8.pngBasic7.png
    • You can put in a set of equipments to fast switch your main equipments by clicking "CHANGE".


  • Alt + E
  • Basic9.png
    • Tips: You can throw items to the floor by dragging the item out of your inventory.
  • Basic10.png Total item and max available item slot. (In LimitRO it's 200, even tho it displays 100, but still watch out for not carry too many items, you may lose item rewards by NPCs if your item slot is max.)
  • Basic11.png A drop lock, you can click this on / off to secure your item drop from your inventory.
  • Basic12.png Compare equipment, turn this on / off.
  • RTENOTITLEcan click on this and drag out, to make Inventory bigger/smaller.
  • Consume Item Tab
    • Basic13.png
    • Here, all the consumable items are stored, example healing items.
  • Equipment Item Tab
    • Basic14.png
    • Here, all the equipment are stored.
    • Tips: You can double click on an equipment to equip it.
    • Tips: You can also Alt + Q and drag the equipment to your equipment window.
  • ETC Item Tab
    • Basic15.png
    • Here, all your loot, quest item, etc are stored.
  • Favorite Item Tab
    • Basic16.pngRTENOTITLE
    • Here you can drag your favorite item into FAV Tab for more protection.

Skill Tree

  • Alt + S
    • Basic17.png
  • Depends on your selected Job, the skill tree will be different.
  • Basic18.png Mark this if you want to see Skill descriptions on all skills when you mouse hover above.
  • Basic19.png Minimize / Close the skill tree window
  • Basic20.png Shows your current available skill points
  • Basic21.pngHere you can select, 1st job skill tab, 2nd job skill tab, 3rd job skill tab. You must spend 50 skill points on 1st job in order to add to 2nd job, and spend 50 skill points on 2nd job, in order to add 3rd job skills.
  • ETC Skill tab are skills obtained from equipment, cards, wedding skills etc.
  • When you add a skill, you must finish it with "APPLY" to really apply it.


Alt + Z

  • Basic22.png
  • RTENOTITLE create a party.
    •  Basic23.pngSet a Party Name, set options for sharing items and type.
  • Basic24.pngRTENOTITLEInvite other player's to the party.
    • Very useful feature later on in the game, when you want to level up, doing instances, kill MvPs or team up to PvP.
    • You can create, be invited, invite others, expel party members.
    • You can also drag out the party member title to the window, so you can quick buff or heal them if you are a support class.
  • Basic25.png
    • Friend feature is useful if you want to make some friends ingame.
    • You can see their online/offline status, you can setup your Private Message options here.
    • If you type /hi it will send greetings to all your online friends default_biggrin.png


  • Alt + G
  • Basic26.png
  • You can join or make a guild.
  • To make a guild, you need to have a 714.pngEmperium in inventory.
  • Note: If you are in CLAN, you must leave CLAN to join a Guild - (Then you can join CLAN again).
    • To leave CLAN, walk to the Clan leader and choose LEAVE.
  • Basic27.png
    • Guild Window front page, basic information.
    • You can click on EDIT to upload a 24x24 BMP Guild Emblem.
  • Basic28.png
    • Member tab in guild window, shows a list of your members.
    • If you are the leader, you can setup their Position.
  • Basic29.png
    • On this page, you can setup different type of Guild Position and Title names for the members.
    • You can also setup different permissions such as , Invite, Punish (Kick) and Storage permissions also their EXP Tax percent (max 25%)
  • Basic30.png
    • Everyone in the guild can contribute EXP to guild by leveling themselves.
    • You can add Guild Skills to improve your guild power.
  • Basic31.png
    • Here, you can setup your Welcome message to all members that's logs on.

Quest Window

  • Alt + U
  • Basic32.png
    • A window that records all your Quests and some Quest cool downs.

World Map

  • CTRL + M
  • Basic33.png
  • A useful tool to show you the whole world ~~


  • CTRL + N
  • Basic34.png
    • You can check different map and locations of where NPCs are located.
    • If you are in any map you can type /navi mapname 123/123 - it will give you navigation to coords 123 123.



  • Esc
  • Basic35.png
    • Character Select
      • Return to Character screen.
    • Game Settings
      • Basic36.png
    • BM/Shortcut Settings
      • Basic37.png
      • Battlemode / Shortcuts
      • Here you can setup any Key binding with your keyboard.
      • Press ENTER to turn on Battlemode.
      • With Battlemode On, you can use any Hotkey.
        • Basic38.png NO BATTLE MODE
      • Basic39.png
        • Here you can setup other Keybinds for features ingame.
      • MACROS aka short cuts.
        • That Macros window are for configure the "Shorcut List" (Alt + M) and Flags.
          Learning and making a good configuration of these can help a lot to optimize your game. (There are a lot of useful commands on the server)
        • Basic40.png


  • CTRL + B
  • Basic41.png
    • Here you can deposit/withdraw zeny to your personal account bank.


  • Basic42.png
    • Click on Start
  • Basic43.png
    • Enter a file name
  • Basic44.png
    • Record Options
  • Basic45.png
    • File will be saved in here or your local location.
  • You can play Replays by login out off the game and at the Login Screen.
    • Basic46.png
    • You can select replay to play one of your Replay files.
    • You can also share replay files with others.


  • Basic47.png
    • You can write and receive Mails in LimitRO.
    • You can also send items etc to other players.
    • You can only claim items from a mail when you are inside a Town.


  • Basic54.png
  • A complex feature, where you complete a certain described task and you can claim reward + titles.
  • Basic55.png


Chat Window

  •  Basic48.png
  • Normal Chatting
    • Basic49.png
      • Type in any TEXT and press Enter to chat.
  • Private Message
    • Basic50.png
    • You can type in a Character name and send him a Private Message.
  • Turn On/Off Battlemode
    • RTENOTITLERTENOTITLE Click on  this or press [Enter]. 
    • In Battlemode, you can use the Hotkey bindings.
  • Turn on and Off different message
    • Basic51.png
    • Here you can turn on and off those messages.
  • Add / Delete and Lock Chat window
    • Basic52.png
    • You can add New Chat Tabs, and name them anything.
    • Also you can setup different system message on different chat tab.
    • Example a Chat tab only for Guild Chat display.
  • Basic53.png
    • Try those , they are also useful.
  • Secret key + Enter.
    • Ctrl + Enter to send out a message to Party members
    • Alt + Enter to send out a message to Guild members

Mini Map

  • A map that shows different indications on the current map.
  • It shows yourself, map exit with red dot and some NPC marks.
  • You can Enlarge the map with more options, example adding Bookmarks.
  • You can Zoom in and Out and you can see the current coordination of your position (image displays 129 68)
  • Basic56.png



Cash Shop

  • Basic57.png
  • On this interface, you can purchase Cash related items that LimitRO offers.
  • You can donate to the server with real money to receive Cash Points.
  • You can also buy VIP Coins = 10 Cash Points from other players.



  • Basic58.png
  • Requires 32017.pngLucky Coin(Bronze)32018.pngLucky Coin(Silver)32019.pngLucky Coin(Gold)
    • When you obtain those coins ingame, double click on it to spend it, to insert them into Lucky Roulette.
    • 1 Bronze Point gives you 1 chance to obtain item on the bottom 2 rows.
    • 10 Silver Points gives you 1  chance to obtain item on the middle 3 rows.
    • 10 Gold Points gives you 1 chance to obtain item on the top 2 rows.


Skill Bars

  • F12 to hide/show Skill Bars.
  • Basic59.png
  • You can drag items, equipment and skills from skill tree into Skill Bar.
  • The 1st Line has standard shortcut betweek F1 to F9
  • 2nd, 3rd and 4th Line, you need to setup manually on Hotkey tab in Options. (Battlemode must be on to use the extra hotkeys.)


Congratulations, you just learned like 90% of the game interface purposes <3