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Game Masters, commonly known as GMs, are employees of the company that operate the server whose job is to assist players and enforce the rules. GMs have access to special commands which allow them to perform their job duties in the game.


  • The names and public message text of GM characters are displayed in yellow text.
  • Private messages from GMs are displayed both in the log panel and at the top of the screen, like global messages.
  • GM names are has <GM> prefix.
  • GMs characters have a unique appearance. Males wear a white garment with gold trim, which extends down to the character's feet. Females wear a white miniskirt with gold trim.
  • GMs will never ask for any of your account details in-game; they will always request that you submit account-related queries through the forum.
  • GMs will never ask for your password under any circumstances.
  • GMs will never ask for items or zeny from players for any reason, but they may give items to players as prizes during special events or as compensation for items lost due to circumstances outside of a player's control.
  • If you encounter a character who claims to be a GM but does not meet the aforementioned criteria, you should immediately report it.

Limit RO GMs

There are currently 6 active GMs in Limit RO

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