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To access the Friends in RO, the default hotkeys are Alt + H. (The friend list in RO is bound to the party window.) Each Friends is character-bound so if you friend someone on one character, that friend will only appear on that character's Friends and not on other characters on the same account. Characters on the Friends that are online will have an "ON" icon appear next to their name. Any character on the Friends that logs on while you're online will send a log-in notification to your Chat Box. Private chats can be initiated with online characters on the Friends.

Originally, the Friends had a maximum of 20 friends you can add to it, but it has since been doubled to 40 with the Renewal Update.

Adding someone to your Friends is done through the following methods:

  • Right-clicking a character and selecting the friend registration option
  • Right-clicking a name on a private message window

For either method to work, the friend must be on the same map as you. There is currently no method to add an offline friend.