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Technical Issues

Q: Failed to connect to server, how to fix?
A: Make sure your anti-virus isn't blocking LimitRO, patch your kRO Client and try using a VPN (Could be just a bad routing or the server is lagging badly).

Returning Players(w/ the 2009-2015 clients): Download the latest client.

Q: Why am I getting a lot of errors or crashing a lot in game?
A: Patch your kRO Client.

Q: Why can't I patch my kRO Client?
A: Try using a VPN software (SoftEther, etc).

Q: Why am I lagging a lot?
A: Unfortunately, this might be on your side (bad weather/ISP connection/game is heavy). Try running a VPN software to see if it helps.

Q: I'm using VPN and still cannot patch kRO/LRO, how can I fix it?
A: You can contact Lai on facebook for a TeamViewer session.

In Game Issues

Q:How/Where to get this "item"?

A:Use @whodrops "item ID". @ii for item ID, @ii Apple Juice = 7708.

Q: Where can I find this "mob"?

A:Use @whereis "mob name or id". @whereis Poring.

Q:How to get in this "instance"?

A:Make a party then use Warper->Instance->Desired Instance.

Q:How to make homunculus AI or Mercenary work?

A:For homunculus type /hoai and for mercenary type /merai.

Q:I can't put skill points on X class. How?

A:Unequip everything that eneables use of a skill, like Battle Hook or Vitata Carded Accessory. Follow this pattern on skill up: 49 First job, 69 Second job and 59 Third job.

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