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In our server, we have several methods to allow None-Donation players to obtain Cash Points to buy items from the ingame Cash Shop.

Our goal is to make the server not P2W ~~

Donation Token Exchange NPC

  • Each 50 Donation Tokens can be exchanged into 1 Cash Point by NPC Cairn in Asgard.

Donation Tokens from ingame Events

  • The automatic ingame events made by Genie, gives a good amount of 60 Donation Tokens as bonus reward for each event winners.


Cash Points from Gladiator Manager

Hourly Free Donation Tokens

This feature is to make sure that you can obtain Cash Points even without donating to LimitRO!

  • 0 effort, 100% balanced and fair equal to everyone.
  • Every spent hour ingame gives gives you (based on total online players), a certain amount Donation tokens, from 1 DT/Hour up to 5DT/Hour.

Cash Points from Lucky Roulette