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In our server, we have several methods to allow None-Donation players to obtain Cash Points to buy items from the ingame Cash Shop.

Our goal is to make the server not P2W ~~

Donation Token Exchange NPC

  • Each 50 Donation Tokens can be exchanged into 1 Cash Point by NPC Cairn in Asgard.


Automatic Events gives Cash

  • The automatic ingame events hosted by Genie, gives a good amount of Donation Tokens as bonus reward for each event winners.
    • Those are repeated events that occurs ingame every hour!

Special Party Bounty gives Cash

  • Every completed Special Party Bounty from Bounty Expert in Limit Group HQ, rewards you with 20 Donation Tokens.
    • There are no limitations, you can do as many as you desire!

Cash Points from Lucky Roulette

Hourly ingame gives Cash

  • Every spent hour ingame gives gives you (based on total online players), a certain amount Donation tokens, from 1 DT/Hour up to 5 DT/Hour.
    • Even applies to AFKing players (except Vendings.)



12 Man Instance Run gives Cash

Complete the following instance with 6+ players in party, and everyone will be able to claim 30-80 Donation Tokens (+10 per extra party member) at the end.

  • 1-5 ppl = 0 DT
  • 6 ppl = 30 - 80 DT
  • 7 ppl = 30 - 80 (+10) DT
  • 8 ppl = 30 - 80 (+20) DT
  • etc

You can repeat this daily on 1 PC and 1 account.

  • Horror Toy Factory
  • Faceworm 
  • Old Glast Heim (Hard)
  • Endless Tower
  • Infinity Space (Hard)

Silk War of Emperium gives VIP

  • Silk mode Castles has chance to drop 32014.pngVIP Coin on each treasure!