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What is fishing

Fishing is just as the world implies, you get a Fishing Rod and Baits to get fishes, which gives different effects depending on the one you consume.

How to fish

First you need 32020.png Small Fishing Rod and 32021.png Fish Worm, both obtained through Event Genie, at Asgard. Rod is 500 event points and each worm is 1 event point. Once you got both, you can start fishing (See below for fishing spots).


Throwing garbage would teleport you to a town.

Note: Equipping 2 Rods boost the chance to success.


Name Decription
32021.png Fish Worm Increases 5% on fishing chance.
32023.png Earthworm Increases 8% fishing success chance.
32024.png Raw Shrimp Increases 10% fishing success chance.
32025.png Big Shrimp Increases 12% on fishing chance.

Location and fishes

Note: Due to May 1st Changelog, Fishing system update, fishes below are no longer consumables nor give event points. Will be updated soon.

North part of Prontera

Item Name
32040.png Grass Carp
32031.png Tiny Trout
32046.png Enchant Book
32024.png Raw Shrimp

West part of Alberta

Item Name
32037.png Large Tuna
32026.png Sea Squid
32027.png Fire Octopus

South part of Amatsu

Item Name
32034.png Flower Koi
32030.png Red Snapper
32036.png Golden Fish

South part of Brasilis

Item Name
32028.png White Shark
32032.png Small Octopus
32044.png Bronze Treasure Box

East part of Hugel

Item Name
32033.png Winged Fish
32035.png Alligator Shark
32038.png River Stickleback

South of Dewata

Item Name
32042.png Black Eel
32041.png Prickly Salmon
32043.png Piranha

South of Moscovia

Item Name
32029.png Baby Whale
32039.png Blue Whale
32025.png Big Shrimp

Fish Combining

Note: You may lose materials and not get anything as it is not 100%.

You need a 12849.png Combination Kit, buy it from HQ.


Created Item Materials Description
32172.png Sushi Small A x4 32026.png Sea Squid , x2 32027.png Fire Octopus Small a.png
32173.png Sushi Small B x2 32030.png Red Snapper, x2 32031.png Tiny Trout Small b.png
32174.png Sushi Medium A x3 32032.png Small Octopus, x2 32035.png Alligator Shark, x2 32037.png Large Tuna Med a.png
32174.png Sushi Medium B x3 32028.png White Shark , x2 32038.png River Sickleback, x2 32040.png Grass Carp Med b.png
32174.png Sushi Large x4 32029.png Baby Whale, x3 32033.png Winged Fish, x2 32034.png Flower Koi, x2 32041.png Prickly Salmon S large.png

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