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  • Level 100+
  • Completed previous quests.


Quest Guide

  1. In Mora, speak to Raffle Researcher.
    • "What is your business here?"
    • "... ..."
    • "Well... that's... um..."
    • "Glad to hear that..."
    • "Help him."
    • "... ... ..."
  2. Now walk around in the pond in middle of Mora, until you receive an announcement.
  3. Then talk to Black Shadow
    • You will be attacked by the Unidentified creature.
    • Note 1: A good technique is to use "Skill" or "Teeth" then "Dodge." You can also cancel the battle if you fail to hit the enemy/get hit in the first round, to give yourself a headstart. As comparison, Here is result for each option when you attacking if it hits.Use Weapon : 10 damage, high accuracy. Use Skill : 20 damage, medium accuracy. Use Teeth/Bite : 50 damage, low accuracy
    • Note 2: If you lose, you will be teleported to the Mora inn. You can restart the battle by walking near one of the ??? - Spots in the water (mora 116, 82), so the Black Shadow will be available again for battle.
    • "Look for the research tools".
    • You will receive 6385.pngResearch Tool Bag 
  4. Return to speak to Raffle Researcher.
    • "As you wish."
    • You will receive 1x 6380.pngMora Coin
  5. Now, you need to come back after 10 minutes. (LimitRO Custom) 
    • Raffle Researcher will ask you to defeat the Black Shadow 3 more times. You may need to talk to him several times before he asks you to do this. 
    • Each time you fight and defeat the Black Shadow, you will need to rest for 10 minutes.
  6. After completing the 3 more times, return to Raffle Researcher and he will give you 10x 1092.pngEmpty Test Tube.
  7. At the pond, click on the ??? spots to collect 6386.pngBath Water Sample.
    • Collect 10x and return to Raffle Researcher.
  8. When you have 10x, return to Raffle Researcher, he will take those samples and need 6 hour to analyze. (LimitRO Custom)
  9. After 6 hour, return the Raffle Researcher and he will ask you to collect either 10 6388.pngScale Sample or 10 6387.pngTeeth Sample from the bath water.
    • At the bath pool, click on the ??? spots to collect samples.
    • When you return with the 10 samples, Raffle Researcher tells you he will need 30 minutes to analyze them. He will also give you 1x Coin.
    • Note: You may be asked to repeat this after the 6 hour wait. Do this until you success.
  10. After 30 minutes, return to Raffle Researcher, he need 4 6389.pngSample of Puddle Research from the ponds on the field outside town.
    • He will give you 1 Test Tube at a time and ask you to visit the following ponds:
    • Puddle 1:
    • Puddle 2:
    • Puddle 3:
    • Puddle 4:
  11. After return to Raffle Researcher, you'll be rewarded with 4 6380.pngMora Coin and asked to return in 6 hour. (LimitRO Custom)
    • Return to him after 6 hour, and he will reward you with 100x 6380.pngMora Coin 
  12. Bonus Part: 
    1. Return to the Pond and defeat the Black Shadow 30 times.
    2. After battling him 30 times, return to Black Shadow, he will reveal his real name Fishee.
    3. Go to the 4 Puddbles on the field outside of town and search for his family. When you find his family, tell them his name and they will tell you to talk to their son again after you let them know he is okay.
    4. Return to Fishee once more and he will reward you with a 5792.pngFish Pin.