Farming Zeny

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Farming Zeny


It's time to make some ZENY, in order to be able to shopping spree in Vending Harbor and gear up, to make your character look good ;D
Everyone likes player with some zeny ;D ;D ;D 

Reminder for easier grind

  • Warper NPC
  • Healer NPC
  • @storage
  • @noks
  • @go
  • @autoloot / @alootid
  • Job: Ranger, Warock, Rune Knight (or any job which you like).
  • You should be MAX level at least one char, use the max leveled char to grind ~~

Pure grind

  • Loot grind (single player, item sell to NPC)
    • Use @noks to protect yourself from kill steal.
    • Recommended job (Ranger, Rune Knight, Warlock).
    • This is basically you going around to different maps and hunt monsters for their loot and then sell them to NPCs.
      • (Always use a Merchant job with Overcharge skill to sell for more to NPCs.)
    • You can also find your own spot and ofcourse, almost all items can be sold to NPC, just sell those to NPC if you dont need them ;D
    • A list of 5 populare map/monster/item to farm. (The populare places are risk for too many Farm)

Material grind (single player, item sell to players)

  • The best way to look this up, is to check what quest materials there are, the list is really long default_biggrin.png
  • To look up different items and who drops which, use commands @whereis monsterid to find the monster is located ingame.
  • image.png.992798d7e74d5d6c94a773cef15b6fb3.png

Instance grind (party, item sell to players)

  • Most of the instance materials are wanted!
  • Instances requires party, as you may have experience with Infinity Space!
  • I recommend you to do easier instances such as "Endless Tower".
  • Example of loot


Sell rare items

  • Note: THE PRICE Range is flexible and variable depends on YOU and the BUYER(player) ^^
  • Cards
  • If you find any card, likely they are wanted and can be sold to players by trading or sell in Vending Harbor.
  • Quest materials
    • You can look for wanted items, such as hat quest materials, costume hat quest materials and then farm those to then sell to players.
  • Event rewards
    • Occasionally, there are events hosted by GMs or forum events, you can win those events and then sell the reward to other players.
  • Boss Loot
    • If you farm MvPs later on in the game, you can sell many loots to players, instead of NPC.
  • Refine
    • You can also try to refine equipment and then sell to other players.
  • LimitRO facebook ground for buy/sell/trades/other, need invite from GM Lai

Sell VIP Coins

  • An easier way to get Zeny is that you donate for 32014.pngVIP Coin on Donation page ^^
  • You can sell the VIP Coins to other players for zeny.




This is a summery of how to Farm Zeny, the remaining are up to you, it's about dedication and effort. 

Don't forget to improve yourself, by investing on better equipment after you made some zeny by farming!!!!!