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Base Level: 140
Item(s): 6962.png 25 Old Fuel Tanks
Quest Reward(s): Access to Verus Daily Quests

1. To start the quest, talk to Lime at the second floor of Old Limit Group HQ (moc_para01; 38,175). She will tell you about the excavation happening in Juperos.


2. Walk in the leftmost room on the same map, and talk to Leader Arquien. She is going to tell you about Fantasmagorica and directs you to Lime in the room next door.


3. Talk to Lime in the room next door, and she will introduce you to Aureth from the Atnad Excavation Team. She will also tell you about the Verus city. Select Let's go and she will teleport you to Yuno field (yuno_fild07; 217,176).


4. Talk to the Rekenber Staff nearby (yuno_fild07; 216,157) and select Elevator. She will tell you to talk to Leitner in Lighthalzen headquarters.


5. Go to Lighthalzen (@go 20) and head to the top left building in Lighthalzen. Walk straight in and turn left when you see the stairs with red carpet. Leitner is located near the back of the stairs.

Fantas4.jpg Fantas5.jpg

6. Talk to Leitner and select Apply for Elevator License. He will give a short lecturer about the elevator.

7. Head back to Yuno field and talk to the Rekenber Staff (yuno_fild07; 216,157). She will notice that you have already gotten your license for the Elevator, but there is a bad news that the elevator is under maintenance at the moment. She will also tell you that if you need to use the elevator desperately, you will have to talk to the technician in Verus city.

8. Go to Juperos 1 through warper and walk in the portal beside the Rekenber Guard (juperos_01; 244,87). Head to the portal on the bottom part of the map (ver_eju; 109,36), and walk down to the Verus city.


9. Talk to Receptionist Nara near the entrance and input Eden Group and Atnad's Excavation Team.


10. Walk to the northeast and talk to Ian Atnad (verus04; 144,193). Select Assist with excavation. Talk to him again and he will ask you to prove yourself by bringing him 20 Operation Control Device.

  • Note: You can get the Operation Control Device from the Monsters in the Verus Central Plaza and Outer Tunnel.


11. Return to Ian Atnad with 20 Operation Control Device and he will tell you to talk to Aureth.

12. Talk to Aureth next to Atnad. He will ask you to check out Llyod at the Central Plaza.


13. Walk up slightly, and you will see the Rekenber Staff near the fountain. Talk to him and he will tell you that the Elevator is out of order at the moment and ask you to bring him 30 Used Iron Plates. Bring him the Used Iron Plates and you should be able to access the elevator by now.

  • Note: You can simply access the elevator by speaking to the Rekenber Staff you met previously at the Yuno field (yuno_fild07, 216,157) and select Elevator. The elevator service will directly send you to the Verus city.


14. Talk to Deu (verus04; 115,220) next to the Rekenber Staff in Verus. They will tell you that they were trapped in the elevator when it was malfunctioned. They will also tell you to investigate the Fountain near them.


15. Investigate the Fountain (verus04; 115,225) and they will tell you to investigate the clutter.


16. Examine the Clutter (verus04; 96,238) as instructed and they will tell you to investigate the tree next.


17. Examine the Tree (verus04; 78,249) and Sign Board (verus04; 62,254) in turn. They will tell you that there is a path leading to the central plaza and to get there rush.

Fantas17-1.jpg Fantas17-2.jpg

18. Walk in the portal nearby (verus04; 44,266) and talk to Teurian (verus03; 46,23) next to the portal.

Fantas18.jpg Fantas18-2.jpg

19. Walk up north and investigate the fountain (verus03; 44,65). Mark Isher will tell you to follow him to go up north.


20. Walk straight up all the way north, and talk to Lloyd (verus03; 103,177). He will ask for your help to collect 10 Coagulated Energy that you can get from the Machine Wreckage.

  • Note: You need to have 10 Empty Bottle in your inventory to collect the energy. You can do it by simply clicking on the Machine Wreckage that are scattered around the map.
  • Note: You will need to channel during the energy collection so any disturbance during the process will cancel the energy collection.

Fantas20.jpg Fantas20-1.jpg

21. Return to Lloyd with 10 Cohesive Energy and he will ask you to report back to Aureth.

22. Walk up slightly and talk to Mark Isher(verus03; 88,237). He will tell you that he found a path there but unable to access it.


23. Talk to Tamarin (verus03; 51,256) and he will tell you that those areas are badly damaged compared to its surroundings.


24. Talk to Maggistein (verus03; 35,254) directly east from Tamarin. She will ask you to investigate the underground bunker on the next map.


25. Return back to Aureth in Verus. He is going to give you the Daily Expedition Report to deliver to Louis.

26. Deliver the daily report to Commander Louis (verus04; 179,165) by selecting Expedition Report.


27. Return back to Aureth and he will ask you to rest, but Ian Atnad has some work for you to do.

28. Talk to Ian Atnad. He will tell you that he is hungry and wants to eat something juicy and meaty.

29. Talk to Luke Refez (verus03; x,y) next to Lloyd in the Central Plaza. You will need 2 Meat, 1 Banana, and 1 Mora Mandarin to make a meal for Ian Atnad.


30. Return to Luke Refez with the ingredients in your inventory and he will make a Bifrost for you.

31. Bring the Bifrost to Ian Atnad and ask him about the past exploration after he finished eating.

32. Talk to Ian Atnad again and select Talk (Story Quest). He will give you the access to the Experimental Block and Research Block.

33. Talk to Ian Atnad again and he will ask you to explore the Research Block located north eastern from Verus. He also asks you to focus more on the junks and books there.

34. Talk to Manager Damha (verus03; 172,257) or Manager Gyuha (verus03; 167,257) before the portal and select Atnad Excavation Team.

  • You need to talk to one of these managers first before you can enter the portal. Skipping this step will cause you to not being able to enter the portal.

Fantasguard1.jpg Fantasguard2.jpg

35. Investigate the Scattered Documents (verus02; 61,29) located near the left side of the portal and obtain 1 Memory Record.

  • You will need to channel during the investigation. Any disturbance during the process will cause you to fail the investigation and will freeze your character so it is recommended to clear the nearby spot before doing this.

Fantasdoc.jpg Fantasguard2.jpg

36. Return to Ian Atnad with 1 Memory Record. He will ask you to fetch a record player from his daughter (Leader Arquien)in the Old Limit Group HQ.

37. Go back to Leader Arquien in the second floor leftmost room in the Old Limit Group HQ. Tell her that you would like to borrow the record player. She will not lend you the recorder at first.

38. Talk to Leader Arquien again and select Explain to Nile. She will lend you the recorder now, but she will tell you that you need to have 5 Memory Record for them to fit in the record player and to meet in Verus.

39. Talk to her again and select I will do it. She will teleport you directly to Verus.

40. In the Research Block (verus02) map, investigate the Scattered Documents again until you have 5 Memory Record in your inventory.

41. Return to Leader Arquien (verus04; 172,149) with 5 Memory Record in your inventory. She will ask you to play the Record Player beside her.


42. Talk to Record Player (verus04; 171,149) and listen to the recording played, then talk back to Leader Arquien. She will ask you to tell Atnad to inspect it.


43. Return back to Ian Atnad and tell him the content of the recordings. Ask him to calm down, and he will tell you to get more Memory Records from the underground facility in Experimental Block, which located north west from Verus.

44. Talk back to Leader Arquien in Verus, and she will ask you to bring her 5 Memory Record from the Experimental Block.

45. Walk up to the Central Plaza and get in the portal at the northwest (verus03; 53,253).

46. Talk to Deu (verus01; 231,66) near the left side from the portal. He will tell you that he saw a white haired woman and she claimed to know about what you are looking for.


47. Talk to Fruit (verus01; 151,173). She will tell you about the underground shelter and ask you to take path to the left.


48. Talk to Verity (verus01; 123,181) and select Head to underground bunker.


49. Inside the underground bunker, talk to Mark Isher (un_bunker; 100,96). He will give you the 5 Experimental Block Memory Record you need.


50. Talk to Mark Isher again and he will tell you that he is looking for his friend there.

51. Look for his friend, Alp, simply by following the red line on the image below.

52. Talk to Alp Kat. He will tell you that he found a secret pathway to a blocked room and ask you to come along. Select Investigate, and you will be warped to another room.


53. Talk to Alp Kat inside the room. He will tell you that the room leads to another area he is unfamiliar with and will warp you to a pathway.


54. Inside the pathway room, talk to Verity and walk up straight to the portal.


55. Talk to Deu inside the room after the portal, and continue walking straight to the portal behind him.


56. Talk to Tamarin in the next small room. He will give you 1 Gravity Safety Device and teleport you to Mark Isher on the next room.

  • At this stage, you should be able to access the Last Room instance simply by talking to Mark Isher.


57. Head back to Verus and talk to Leader Arquien with 5 Experimental Block Memory Record in your inventory, and play it again using the Record Player next to her. You will receive 1 Record Fragment (2nd Day) after you finish listening to the recording.

58. Talk to Leader Arquien again and she will tell you that the Memory Record is broken.

59. Report to Ian Atnad and he will tell you that the secretary of Rekenber Corporation is visiting and his chairman is welcoming him to the Lighthalzen HQ.

60. Go to the Lighthalzen HQ (Lighthalzen; 101,247). Walk up to the second floor through the stairs and go directly right to the far rightmost room pass the gear machines. Talk to the Rekenber Guard (lhz_in01; 277,234) in the room and he will let you in the meeting room.

Fantasendla.jpg Fantasend1.jpg

61. Inside the meeting room, talk to the Rekenber Chairman and Ian Atnad in turn. Talk to the Secretary after that, and listen to their conversation. By the end of the conversation you will receive 25 Old Fuel Tank.

Fantasend3.jpg Fantasend4.jpg Fantasend5.jpg

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