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NPC Genie

NPCGenie.png Location: Asgard - Event Corner


He brings us joy, he brings us laughter, he brings up happiness.
The beloved Genie, with a smile carved on his face...but is he really happy?
Make him happier, by attending his events, receive Event Points and buy items from his Event Store!

Genie Automatic Events

Monster Swarm

  • A group of monster will randomly spawn on a map. Some are normal and some are not. Kill the special ones for Event Points.
    • Schedule (Server Time)
    • 00:00
    • 04:00
    • 09:00
    • 13:00
    • 18:00
    • 22:00

Poring Catcher

  • When event starts, there will be 100 Porings spawning on the map. Only 1 of them is the real one. Kill the real one to win Event Points!
    • Schedule (Server Time)
    • 01:00
    • 05:00
    • 10:00
    • 14:00
    • 20:00

Zombie Invasion

  • Thousands of zombies will invade a town...some of them will give you Event Points when killing.
    • Schedule (Server Time)
    • 02:00
    • 06:00
    • 11:00
    • 15:00
    • 19:00
    • 23:00

Monster Hunt

  • Few monsters will spawn on a map, you have to find it and kill it for event points.
    • Schedule (Server Time)
    • 03:00
    • 08:00
    • 16:00
    • 21:00

MvP Hitman

  • A random MvP will spawn on each round of this event. Whoever kills it, obtains the Event Points.
  • Schedule (Server Time)
    • 12:00
    • 17:00

Event Point Shop

Event Points

Event Point = EP  
You can use Event Points, to purchase items from the event store.
Too check how many points you own, simply speak to Genie and the total points will be displayed.
Item Name Prize
30086.png Cash Point Coin
600 EP
32014.png VIP Coin
7000 EP
30025.png Event Box(Standard)
800 EP
30066.png Event Box(Fantastic)
1000 EP
30067.png Event Box(Fabulous)
1500 EP
30080.png Event Box(Peco Point)
2000 EP
30090.png Event Box(Love)
3000 EP
30260.png Event Box(Sunshine)
3000 EP
32077.png Event Box(Retro)
5000 EP
32095.png Deluxe Dress Ticket
200 EP
22538.png Hangbok Bag
50 EP
12260.png Santa's Bag
1300 EP
12132.png Cool Summer Suit
1300 EP
12622.png Boarding Halter
2000 EP
7776.png Gym Pass
300 EP
32054.png Guild Base Ticket
400 EP
32020.png Small Fishing Rod
500 EP
32021.png Fish Worm
1 EP
9001.png Other Pet Related Items
1200 EP

Aladdin daily Bribe

Aladdin NPC gives you a selection of 2 options. Aladdin.png

  • Bribe
    • Give him 2x Limit Coin (Silver) to obtain 100 EP
  • Punch
    • Don't try this...

Melon Farm

Help Tiger Melon to gather ripped Watermelons.


Daily Task

  • Obtain daily Event Points
  • Each farm begins with 3 farmers
  • Each Watermelon = 5 Event Points.

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