Enchant System

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  • Enchanting is a very good way to improve your equipment power, effect and extra bonus.
  • Not all equipments can be enchanted, and not all enchants can be attached to all equipments :O
  • The enchanting systems are specifically introduced for certain equipments, such as Mora Enchants for Mora equipments, Eclage enchants for Eclage equipments only etc.
  • On this page, you can find out all the available enchants in the server.
  • Click on each for detailed info.

List of available Enchants

Enchant Details Example Equipments Example Available Enchants
El Dicastes Enchants
Mora Enchants
Eclage Enchants
Heroic Ring Enchants
Verus Enchants
Charleston Enchants
Royal Banquet Enchants
Terra Gloria Enchants
Malangdo Enchants
Rockridge Enchants
Biolab Headgear Enchants
Wolfchev's Laboratory Enchants
Flashy Enchants
Sarah Earring's Enchants
Temporal Boots Enchants
AAW Enchanter
FAW Enchanter
Golden Wings Enchanter
Kirin Wings Enchanter
Shadow Equipment Enchants
Horror Toy Factory Enchants
Keris Enchants    
Ninja Gear Enchants    
lllusion Dungeon Enchants
Hugel Race Enchants