Einbech Einbroch

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Einbech Einbroch
RO Einbech.jpg
Level Requirement 60+
Rewards Overview

About Einbech & Einbroch

Einbech is the sister city to Einbroch and is located in the Republic of Schwarzwald. In Schwarzwald's humble beginnings, there was only the small mining town of Einbech. Since all the ores and minerals dug up in the town's mine needed to be processed, a complex of factories and refineries were built nearby in an industrial complex. The complex later became Einbroch and quickly grew into a booming city.

Recognizing the growing value of the resources used for manufacturing and fueling the steam engines, many wealthy merchants seized the opportunity to invest their capital in the small mining town located near an abundant mineral supply southwest of Juno. Their financial support resulted in a surge in the mining industry and the growth of Einbech into a large village.

However, as Einbroch grew wealthier, Einbech became more and more impoverished. The two towns begin to resent each other and did what they could to take advantage of one another. In this exchange, Einbroch always won the upper hand no matter what.