Dimensional Travel

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Dimensional Travel
Base Level: 140
Item(s) (Consumed): 528.png 1 Monster's Feed

6689.png 50 Burning Bug Skin

6690.png 25 Yummy Stem

Hunting: 20 Fire Pit

25 Sonia

Quest Prerequisite(s): Cat Hand New World Quest
Job Experience: 1,500,000 (non-VIP)
Quest Reward(s): Access to Flame Basin

Access to Flame Cave

1. Go to Morroc (@go 1) and head to north to find Collapsed Man. Talk to him and give him 528.png Monster's Feed (just spam enter to save time).


2. You will get teleported to Morroc Ruin where you get to watch the Collapsed Man clean up. Talk to him again.


3. Go to Midgard Camp (@go 32) to access the dimensional portal. Once you're in, talk to Tamarin inside. Please remember you need to finish Cat Hand New World Quest first.


4. Now move across the bridge upper-left from you and click the lump on the ground to enter Fire Basin.


5. Inside, find Bazette and get 2 quests from him. He will ask you to kill 20 Fire Pits and gather 50 6689.png Burning Bug's Skin (read notes below for this part).


6. After you finished quest from Bazette, he will ask you to get 50 6690.png Yummy Stem from Sonia. Talk to Tamarin just behind Bazette and he will help you get half of the stems needed so you need to gather only 25 stems. (read notes below for this part)


7. Talk to Tamarin in the middle of the map after you finished with stem gathering.


8. Talk to Bazette again, and he will tell you to go to Instructor Ludgen.

8. Go find Instructor Ludgen at the bottom of the map, you can see his location on mini map marked as blinking x.


9. Talk to the Poisoned Patient just below Ludgen, then go back to Bazette.

10. Go back to Bazette and you will gain access to Fire Cave. Talk to Tamarin in the middle to enter.

- You can kill Fire Pits easily with Blood Sucker skill from Geneticist or reflect damages from monsters using Royal Guard's Reflect Damage skill.
- Try to find 2 or more Fire Pits that are near to each other to farm the Bug Skin. Don't kill the Pits until you finished gathering 50 skins. If the Pits are dying, lure the monster with healing power to heal it.
- Use Steal to get Yummy Stems faster from Sonia. If you don't have the skill, you can use 4139.png  Joker Card.