Deepsea Expedition Team

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Deepsea Expedition Team
Base Level: None
Item(s) (Consumed): 5,000 of a deepsea artifact (varies each month)
Quest Reward(s): Creation of Exclusive Deepsea Equipment

Research Process

1. Talk to Team Member Archie who requests the collection of 5,000 Deepsea artifacts (varies each month) at Byalan Island (izlu2dun; 120,59).

  1. Select "What you need this month?" to check what artifacts does he need this month and how many artifacts more to complete.
  2. Select "I brought what you need" to submit the artifacts he needs.
  • Note: This is a public quest, means that all players can submit the artifacts he needs until it reaches 5,000.
  • Note: The period to submit the artifacts is between 1st - 15th (00:00 AM server time) each month.
  • Note: If the artifact collection is not completed by the 15th of the month, it will continue to collect on the beginning of the next month.


2. As NPC receives the target amount of artifacts, Professor Butte (who is just next to Team Member Archie) (izlu2dun; 123,59), Equipment Crafting services shop will be accessible to all players for a certain period of time, regardless if they have contributed beforehand.

  • Note: The period of Equipment Crafting Shop starts on 16th towards the end of the month.


3. Team Member Archie will need another 5,000 deepsea artifacts by the beginning of each month for Professor Butte to offer his crafting services.

Deepsea Equipment Synthesis Materials

Deepsea Weapon

Deepsea Armors

18728.png Aegir Helm [1]

15061.png Aegir Armor [1]

20700.png Aegir Manteau [1]

2495.png Aegir Shoes [1]

18727.png Sedora Hat [1]

15169.png Kardui's Robe [1]

28910.png Armoured Sleeved Guard [1]

2197.png Iron Shield [1]

20736.png Immune Manteau [1]

20783.png Hero's Manteau [1]

22019.png Immune Boots [1]

28377.png Magical Ring [1]

18878.png Palace Guard Hat [1]

18909.png Isabella Brown Ear [1]

18509.png Indo Cap [1]

18953.png Sign of Decade [1]

18988.png Glorious Crown [1]

19116.png Red Baby Dragon [1]

19083.png Mask of Hero [0]

19104.png Imperial Dragon Wing [1]

19028.png Devil's Minion [1]

18823.png Imperial Feather [1]

19024.png Protector's Feather [0]

18918.png Long Octopus Balloon [1]

18536.png Foxtail [0]

19021.png Gigantic Helm [0]

18534.png Fancy Phantom Mask [1]

30439.png Gambler Seal [0]

5113.png Blood Sucker [0]

5968.png Clergy's Nursing Cap [1]

5933.png Crow Tengu Mask

19112.png Ancient Elven Ears
Tengu Scroll

5973.png Ancient Elven Ears

15173.png Cursed Mail [1]

20797.png Etran's Shirt [1]

22104.png Prorocca's Shoes [1]

28485.png Jonin Belt [1]

28430.png Ring of ArchPriest [1]

28484.png Rebel Scarf [1]