Deepsea Expedition

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Deapsea Expedition Site

The Deepsea Expedition team has discovered ancient treasures from their adventures deep in this skull island,

Every month after 15th, they will be offering those treasures for travelers, only if the travelers can help them gather Deepsea Artifacts for their data research.

To easily get to this island, you can speak to Warper and travel to Byalan Dungeon, then exit the dungeon ~~

Quest Requirements

NPC Info

  • Team Member Archie
    • Byalan Island (izlu2dun) 132,56
    • She will collect the 5,000 Deepsea Artifacts!
    • Team Member Archie
  • Professor Butte
    • Byalan Island (izlu2dun) 132,56
    • Professor Butte handles out all the quests and rewards ~~
    • Professor Butte






Treasure List

The following items are what Professor Butte will offer to the travelers.

Treasure Requirements
15061.pngAegir Armor [1]
15169.pngKardui's Robe [1]
15189.pngEinherjar Armor [1]
15173.pngCursed Mail [1]
15145.pngEvil Dragon Armor [1]
28910.pngArmoured Sleeve Guard [1]
2197.pngIron Shield [1]
20700.pngAegir Mantle [1]
20736.pngImmune Manteau [1]
20783.pngHero Manteau [1]
20797.pngEtran's Shirt [1]
20816.pngYoichi's Shawl [1]
2495.pngAegir Shoes [1]
5920.pngMedical Boots
22019.pngImmune Boots [1]
22104.pngPororoca Shoes
22120.pngJudgment Shoes
22119.pngCursed Boots [1]
28377.pngMagical Ring [1]
28485.pngJonin Belt [1]
28430.pngRing of ArchPriest [1]
28484.pngRebellion Scarf [1]
28410.pngSapphire Wrist [1]
28372.pngImperial Ring [1]
28433.pngBlue Luminous Stone [1]
28492.pngThief's Recommendation Vol.1 [1]



Treasure Requirements
1494.pngUndine Spear [3]
13081.pngOctopus Knife [3]
1318.pngDofle Axe [2]
18117.pngRoyal Bow [1]
28602.pngBook of Exorcism [2]
21013.pngCompanion Cavalry Sword [2]
21012.pngMagician's Blade [2]
1993.pngBarbed Wire [1]
21019.pngOnimaru [2]
1940.pngConch [1]
1682.pngShadow Staff [2]
16043.pngMeteor Strike [2]
16051.pngValkyrie Hammer [4]
28717.pngValkyrie Knife [4]
26143.pngDiva Foxtail Wand [1]
26144.pngMirage Foxtail Wand [1]
13465.pngKing's Saviour (jRO) [3]
28737.pngHaze Demon Blade (jRO) [3]
28712.pngRuin Bringer's Sword [3]
28713.pngGlorified Royal Sword [3]
28014.pngAncient King's Twin Blade [3]