Costume Headgear List

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Costume Headgear List


Official list of all LimitRO Costume headgear, and a little info of where to obtain them.
This list will be updated.

Quest Costume Hats

Costume Girl Alice

Iris Shop

HQ Gear Machine

Fishing Master

Temple Articles Manager

Billy The Golden Hands

Official Quests


VIP Group Only


Daily Attendance Check

Lucky Roulette

Event Costume Hats

Genie Shop

Forums Related

Vote Shop

Seasonal Events

14359.pngEaster Bunny Scroll

Winter Amusement Park (Christmas only - every year!)

​​​​​​GM Event Reserved

PvP Costume Hats

War of Emperium

Okolnir Quest reward (Drop by Wish Maiden)


Gladiator Tournament

Monster Costume Hats

Instance Drops

Limitless Island Solar Temple Shop

Monster Drops