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As addition to guild and parties, we are introducing Clan system. A whole new form of social interaction and grouping with tons of benefits; from buffs to clan exclusive items. Currently there are 4 available clans with different buffs:

Clan Name Clan Leader Clan Buff
SwordClan.png.cf80dd0a213b5629c56a5b0d6bef4998.png Prontera Knightage Zeras Hyperion SwordclanICON.png.f3eae2a0d5deb50a798964cb3f5c498b.png STR+1, VIT+1, MHP+30, MSP+10
ArchWandClan.png.cb880a81e8b36848db6f7e12a7af83a1.png Magic Academy Jacob Kanavion Arcwandclan.png.6dba16ed3b6b7e8e270bd7f783418c66.png INT+1, DEX+1, MHP+30, MSP+10
GoldenMaceClan.png.81f4d69bc672a17cb465fa8c7b3701ef.png Odin Orthodoxy Alone Oaklay GoldenmaceclanICON.png.b9f32388ca6c36434a21580b41608037.png LUK+1, INT+1, MHP+30, MSP+10
CrossbowClan.png.547f798ada736dcff49c6a7eaffdfaf6.png Icarus Society Reidin Kerse CrossbowclanIcon.png.2d52a192e28ce040437b6c87f1756e09.png DEX+1, AGI+1, MHP+30, MSP+10

Benefits Of Clans

  • You can interact with your clan members using /cl or choose clan chat option on your chat box.
  • The clan buffs are permanent as long as you are in the clan.
  • You can purchase clan exclusive items.
  • You can receive clan quests that will give you Limit Merit Points.

Joining A Clan

You can join a Clan by talking to the leader of the clan of your choice in Limit Academy before you graduate or you can go to upper area of Limit Group Headquarter (@go 38).

 *You cannot be invited into a guild if you are inside a clan, however, you can join clan even if you are already in a guild.
 *If you already in a clan but you want to join a guild, you can leave clan, join the guild and join clan again later.
 *There is 1 week cooldown upon leaving and entering clan other than your former clan.
 *You will be automatically kicked out of your clan if you're inactive for more than 2 weeks.

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