Charleston Crisis

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This quest or instance is repeatable.
The cooldown is 20 hours.
Base Level: 130
Starting Point: /navi verus04 81/112
Experience: -
Items: 6752.png 3-5 Charleston Component


  1. Go in Verus and find Charleston (verus04,75,114). She needs replacement parts from the factory.
  2. After gaining her permission, you will be able to use the Machine next to her.
    The party leader has to create the instance and the other members can join afterwards.

Destroying the Zone Security Devices

  1. Walk towards Charleston 1 and she'll ask you to destroy the Zone Security Devices to move forward within the factory.
  2. Go left and kill the first Zone Security Device (it's a mob). A portal will appear allowing to move forward.
  3. Repeat the same process 3 more times until Charleston 1 asks you to meet her at the lab.
  4. The lab is found in the middle (141,199) of the map.
    Moving there might be tricky, it's not easy to navigate.

Lab Requests

  1. Inside the lab, go near Dr. Vee to trigger the next scene (you must be really close to him). Accept to help him.
  2. The party leader has to speak with Charleston 1 (121,217) and she'll ask you to kill 3 Locksteps.
    You can see their locations on the minimap.
  3. Return to Charleston 1 after killing 3 Locksteps. She tells you there's a problem with the generators, you have to investigate them.
    You only have to go near the generators, you don't have to kill the Kickstep.
  4. Return to the lab once you've investigated all 3 generators.
  5. Talk with Charleston 1 again and then follow her to the right.
    Note: For the next part, the portals will get closed so it is recommended to bring everyone in the lab before proceeding.
  6. Speak with Charleston 2 and a new scene will begin. The portals will close.
  7. You will get waves of mobs, they are fairly easy to kill. You must kill all of them to proceed and the portals will re-open.

The Core

  1. Walk out of the lab and go all the way south below the middle. Charleston 1 and 2 will be waiting for you.
  2. Move near Charleston 2 to trigger the next dialogues.
  3. Charleston 1 wants you to gather 6213.png 1 Explosive Powder. These drop from the Step found in the instance.
  4. Return to her and she will warp you inside the Core.
  5. Walk near the NPCs to trigger the next scene. You have to defeat Charleston 3.

Charleston Parts

  1. Once the scene between 1 and 2 is over, move downward and go back to Dr. Vee in the lab. A dialogue will trigger once you get close.
  2. Talk to Shalosh (77,167) and select I want to go back.
    You will be rewarded with 6752.png 3 Charleston Component.


Image Name Level HP Size / Race / Element
Step.png Step 130 55,403 Small / Demon / Neutral 1
Lockstep.png Lockstep 131 71,056 Medium / Demon / Neutral 2
Kickstep.png Kickstep 132 73,644 Medium / Demon / Neutral 1
KickAndKick.png Kick And Kick 133 68,018 Medium / Demon / Neutral 2
Charleston3.png Charleston 3
145 23,671,401 Large / Demon / Neutral 3

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