Character Creation

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Character Creation


  • We have an ingame account and it's time to login for the first time!

Login Screen

  • Select first a service, all proxy will improve your latency a little bit, depends on where you are located.
  • All proxy connects to the same server as Main (LimitRO).
  • Test server is GM only, if you want to use it, contact Lai.
  1. Select LimitRO and then you will be in Login screen.
  3. Type in your ID / Username / Account
  4. Type in your password
  5. Then login

Character Selection Screen

    • Click there to start your character creation.
    • Here you can create your first Character.
    • Give it a Name, make sure to use letter A-Z and a-z (no other symbol or digits are allowed).
    • You can select Gender
    • You can select Human or Doram race.
    • You can change Hairstyle and Hair color.

After all are complete, click on Create.

  • You can have your first character and you can Login.