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Episode 14.2 Eclage


The adventures in the Ash Vacuum continue as you delve deeper into Alfheim the land of the Laphine Fairies in Episode 14.2 on the renewal server Chaos.
In their efforts to continue to trace the path of Satan Morroc, brave adventurers crossed the legendary Bifrost bridge and discovered a lost city, Eclage. There they found that the Laphines of Eclage were completely separated from their brothers in Splendide because of the Hazy Forest Labyrinth.

The city of Eclage was built around a giant tree and is the main base of the Laphines who created it to combat the Giants of Jotunheim. Be one of the first adventurers to explore this new land and help uncover the mysteries it has to offer!

Visitors to the Village of Eclage will be enraptured by the natural beauty and whimsical architecture found there. Nearby, there is Bifrost Tower, a multi-level dungeon filled with the most dangerous monsters found in the region.


Episode 14.2 : Eclage Rewards

Main Quests

  1. Eclage Entrance
  2. Encounter in a Strange Land
  3. Oliver Wolf Hood
  4. Memory of Professor Worm
  5. Mysterious Robbery
  6. Troublesome Fairies
  7. Wanted to be Big and Beautiful
  8. Light & Darkness

Daily Quests

Service NPCs