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Episode 13.3 El Dicastes
El Dicastes is the bustling capital city of the Saphas. It is headed by Ravail, highest elder of El Dicastes. A pub called the Burman Flone provides a place of comfort to Midgardian adventurers.  

El Dicastes is nestled within a small valley. As such, it is walled up on all sides by steep mountains.

The city itself is divided into 4 sections: the refinery section, which includes the factory; the residential section for upper and lower class citizens; the barracks section for Galtun training; and the Piom dormitories.

El Dicastes Rewards

Main Quests

  1. Sapha's Visit
  2. Doha's Secret
  3. Frede's Request

Daily Quests

Enchants & Merchant

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