Castle Treasure Drops

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Each available castle has certain treasures in the treasure room.

Only guild leader can visit the treasure room.

The treasure spawns each 00:00 of a day, and respawns afterwards.

The more investment the castle has, the more chests spawns.

Vidblainn (Yuno, schg_cas03)

Treasure 1 Content Drop Chance
12674.png God Material Box 1%
30062.png Event Box (Deluxe) 3%
2423.png Variant Shoes 10%
2554.png Nidhoggur's Shadow Garb 15%
12582.png WoE Supply Box 25%
Treasure 2 Content Drop Chance
12675.png WoE Weapon Supply Box 2.5%
12623.png High Weapon Box 2.5%
22000.png Temporal STR Boot 7.5%
2573.png Archangel Wing 5%
2543.png Sylphid Manteau 7.5%