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Cash Shop is a shop system inside the game where you can buy premium items using Cash Points. You can access Cash Shop by clicking the Cash Shop button on top right side of your screen near the mini map.

Cash Shop Content


  • Costume Top Cash Hats
  • Costume Mid Cash Hats
  • Costume Low Cash Hats
  • Costume Mid, Low Cash Hats
  • Costume Garments
  • Costume Aura/Amulet


  • 30023.png Marhaval's Potion
  • 30096.png Tyr's Blessing
  • 12210.png Bubblegum
  • 12214.png Convex Mirror
  • 7621.png Token Siegfried
  • 30091.png Lactase Boost+
  • 30092.png Surcase Boost+
  • 30093.png Viral Boost+
  • 30094.png Amylase Boost+
  • 30095.png Field Manual 500%
  • 30051.png Megaphone
  • 13826.png Power Box 1
  • 13826.png Power Box 2
  • 32050.png KVM Box
  • 32050.png Bravery Box
  • 32050.png Valor Box
  • 30060.png Safety Chest
  • 32076.png Deluxe Pet Box
  • 664.png Star Stone Box


  • 30043.png Enriched Elunium
  • 30044.png Enriched Oridecon
  • 30045.png High Density Elunium
  • 30046.png High Density Oridecon
  • 30047.png Enriched Kalunium
  • 30048.png Enriched Bradium
  • 30049.png High Density Kalunium
  • 30050.png High Density Bradium

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