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This feature is a very exclusive that only applies to Ragnarok Online.

There are many types of cards, shoes cards, garment cards, shield cards, and all cards got their own effect.
Almost all monsters in the game has a card named after it.

You can insert the card into equipments or weapons that has card slot.

Obtain a Card

  • Monsters in-game drop their card with chance of 0.25%
  • You can also obtain cards from following items:

How to Insert a card

  1. After obtaining a card, it's located in ETC, you need to check which type the card has, example 4001.pngPoring Card is Bodygear, you can only insert it on armor with slot.
    • Cardslot1.png
  2. Then, double click on the card, and select the slotted armor in your inventory.
    • Cardslot2.png
  3. Now the Cotton Shirt will receive the bonus that the Poring Card offers.
    • LUK +2 and Perfect Dodge +1
    • Cardslot4.pngCardslot3.png

Remove a Card

  • If you regret or by mistake insert the wrong card to the wrong equipment, you can remove it.
  • Admiral NPC can help you, offering Card Removal service.
    • Cardslot5.png