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Quest Guide

  1. Go to Lighthalzen via @go lighthalzen, and talk to Guard (/navi lighthalzen 267/200)
    • Biolab1.png
  2. He may not let you pass. Talk to him multiple times until you get the following dialogue:
    • Biolab2.png
    • Note: If you completed Friendship quest beforehand, the guard will let your pass if you still have the 7350.pngPass in your inventory
  3. Go talk to Fishbone (/navi lighthalzen 341/224)
    • Biolab3.png
  4. Keep talking to him until he says:
    • Biolab4.png
  5. Ultimately, he asks you to bring 20x 909.png Jellopy
  6. With the required materials, go back to talk him and when asked, choose "Here you go!". Talk to him again and choose "Yes." to be sent to the Cube Room
  7. You'll be warped in a room with 4 portals (north, south, east, west). The coordinates can be one of the following (use /where to check your current coordinates):
    • lhz_cube 66/74
    • lhz_cube 66/136
    • lhz_cube 67/193
  8. Here is the path you have to follow, depending on your landing coordinates:
    • lhz_cube 66/74: South, East, West, South, West
    • lhz_cube 66/136: East, North, South, South, West
    • lhz_cube 67/193: North, East, West, North, West
    • Note: the directions are the following when you're in the map
    • Biolab5.png
  9. Afterwards, you'll be in a new room. You'll have to check each of the following locations in the room (the items you get won't be in your inventory):
    • Biolab6.png
  10. Talk to the Bed and choose "Under the bed" to get a Short Stick
  11. Talk to the Desk and choose "Under the desk" to get a Short Stick and eventually a Long Stick
  12. Talk to the Bed again and choose  "Under the bed". Input "Long Stick" to get a Cube
  13. Talk to the Goblet and choose "Examine the goblet." to get a Rusty Key
  14. Talk to the Chemicals and input "Rusty Key" to get a Green Key
  15. Talk to the Cabinet and input "Green Key" to get a Polygon
  16. Talk to the Bundle of Files and choose "Rummage through the files." to get a Red Key
  17. Talk to the Drawer and input "Red Key" to get a Jackknife
  18. Talk to the Picture and choose "Look behind picture". Input "Jackknife" to see a series of 9 numbers among the following (remember which series you got):
    • 4 9 3 7 6 2 8 6 6
    • 3 6 4 1 2 8 7 1 5
    • 4 3 2 9 1 6 8 2 7
  19. Talk to the Chest and choose "Take the utility Axe." to get an Axe
  20. Talk to the Barrel and input "Axe"
  21. Talk to the Barrel again and input the 9 numbers you got earlier behind the Picture, one by one to get a Yellow Key
  22. Talk to the Power Generator and input "Yellow Key"
  23. Talk to the Status Light and choose "Smash the light bulb." to get a Black Key
  24. Talk to the Experiment Tube and input "Black Key" to get an Oval
  25. Talk to the Box. You'll be faced with 3 choices:
    • Biolab7.png
  26. Choose "Oval Hole", then input "Oval"
  27. Talk to the Box again, choose "Cube Hole", then input "Cube"
  28. Talk to the Box again, choose "Polygon Hole", then input "Polygon"
  29. Talk to the Box again, choose "Open the box." to get a 2657.pngLaboratory Permit
  30. Talk to the Experiment Tube and input "Laboratory Permit" and when asked, choose "Go downstairs"
  31. You'll be warped to a sewer pipe. Walk to the end of the path and take the warp
  32. You are now back to Lighthalzen slums, just at the entrance of the Sewer Pipe
    • Biolab8.png
  33. If you take the Sewer Pipe again, it will now lead you directly to the to Biolab Enchant NPC Sorcerer, in Bio Lab 2 Dungeon.