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General Information

Battlegrounds is a PVP system in which two teams compete towards specific objectives in various arenas, and has unique equipment and consumable rewards for participation. Use @go bg to warp to Battleground waiting room or simply type @joinbg A, @joinbg B or @joinbg C to register from any town.

There are Normal and Silk BG, Normal BG (BG A) here means you can wear any equipments with limitation of 1 MvP card only while in Silk BG (BG B & BG C) you can only wear rental equipments that you can rent from Rental Manager.

Battleground A, B and C

Battleground A

  • Type @joinbg a to join
  • Battleground A is a Normal BG
  • Modes available: Dominion, Rush, and Conquest

Battleground B

  • Type @joinbg b to join
  • Battleground B is a Silk BG
  • Modes available: Rush and Conquest

Battleground C

  • Type @joinbg c to join
  • Battleground C is a Silk BG
  • Modes available: KvM, Tierra, and Flavius

Battleground Modes

Rush (Available for BG A & B)

  • 3 Teams, minimum of 4 per team, so 12 required to start.
  • Maximum of 7 per team, so 21 is maximum for this BG.
  • Goal is to break emperium (3000HP).
  • Battle ends when Emp broken, winner gets 25 badge, loser gets 0 badge.
  • Extra goal: To kill rebel mobs (Rebel Leader = 5 points, Rebel Commander =7 Points, Rebel High Counsellor = 10 points)
  • Leader in PrePre, Commander in Pre, Counsellor in Emp.
  • Each of these mobs will have slaves to assist him/her.

Conquest (Available for BG A & B)

  • 2 Teams, minimum 6 per team, maximum 11 per team.
  • Means minimum 12 players to start and capped at 22.
  • Goal is to either destroy stones/cades/emp or to defend it.
  • Each stone/cade is worth 3 points so 3+3+3+3+3=15
  • Once a structure is destroyed, time resets to 5 minutes, so u can keep on breaking the next structure.
  • Emperium worth 10 points.
  • Basic badge amount = 5.

Dominion (Available for BG A)

Coming Soon

KvM (Available for BG C)

  • 5 v 5, battle to see which teams get wiped first.
  • Bonus for losing team: For each enemy kill, get 1 badge. (Max 4 since if if u killed 5 means ur team won)
  • So this means if my team kills at least 1 enemy, we get 1 badge for losing.
  • Winning team won't get this bonus. They get 20 fix.

Tierra Bossnia (Available for BG C)

  • Needs 10 minimum ( 5 v 5), but can join midway up to 7 v 7.
  • Each team will start with immune 1 MvP (Dark Lord) each.
  • To damage/hurt enemy MvP, you need to break the center "Neutrality Flag".
  • Once It has been broken, the enemy team of the breaker will have its MvP lose its immune status, and can be damaged.
  • However, the enemy team can rebreak the flag to restore its team's MvP immunity and strip the other team's MvP's immunity.
  • If Dark Lord is killed, Valk Rand is spawned.
  • The team that kills the opposite teams' VR wins the battle.
  • Bonus for losing team: Each Neutrality Flag break will earn the team 1 badge (up to 5 maximum)

Flavius (Available for BG C)

  • Needs 10 minimum ( 5 v 5), but can join midway up to 7 v 7.
  • Total 6 neutral stones.
  • Touch stones, bring to your base, and it will give u points over time.
  • You may capture enemy stones.
  • Game point =50. Battle ends.
  • Bonus for losing team: For every 5 points earned, obtain 1 badge.


Battleground A and B give War Badges as reward (Except Dominion mode for BG A, it rewards you with random badges between War Badge and Classic Badge) while Battleground C gives you Classic Badge. You can exchange these badges with great equipment and items from NPCs in Battleground waiting room (@go bg)

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