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Battlegrounds is a PVP system in which two teams compete towards specific objectives in various arenas, and has unique equipment and consumable rewards for participation. Use @go bg to warp to Battleground waiting room or simply type @joinbg 1 for BG Dragon or @joinbg 2 for BG Phoenixregister from any town.

BG Dragon & BG Phoenix

BG Dragon

  • Type @joinbg 1 to join
  • Modes available:
    • Dominion
    • Rush
    • Conquest

BG Phoenix

  • Type @joinbg 2 to join
  • BG Phoenix is exclusive for trans-job
  • Modes available:
    • KvM
    • Tierra
    • Flavius

Battleground Modes

Rush (Available for BG Dragon)

  • 3 Teams, minimum of 4 per team, so 12 required to start.
  • Maximum of 7 per team, so 21 is maximum for this BG.
  • Goal is to break emperium.
  • Battle ends when Emp broken.

Conquest (Available for BG Dragon)

  • 2 Teams, minimum 6 per team, maximum 11 per team.
  • Means minimum 12 players to start and capped at 22.
  • Goal is to either destroy stones/cades/emp or to defend it.
  • Once a structure is destroyed, time resets to 5 minutes, so u can keep on breaking the next structure.

Dominion (Available for BG Dragon)

  • Conquer bases to reduce enemy team's HP.
  • The first team to reach 0 HP loses.

KvM (Available for BG Phoenix)

  • 5 v 5, battle to see which teams get wiped first.

Tierra Bossnia (Available for BG Phoenix)

  • Needs 10 minimum ( 5 v 5), but can join midway up to 7 v 7.
  • Each team will start with immune 1 MvP (Valkyrie) each.
  • To damage/hurt enemy MvP, you need to break the center "Neutrality Flag".
  • Once It has been broken, the enemy team of the breaker will have its MvP lose its immune status, and can be damaged.
  • However, the enemy team can rebreak the flag to restore its team's MvP immunity and strip the other team's MvP's immunity.
  • If Valkyrie is killed, Gloom will spawn.
  • The team that kills the opposite teams' Gloom wins the battle.

Flavius (Available for BG Phoenix)

  • Needs 10 minimum ( 5 v 5), but can join midway up to 7 v 7.
  • Total 6 neutral stones.
  • Touch stones, bring to your base, and it will give u points over time.
  • You may capture enemy stones.
  • Game point = 50. Battle ends.


BG Dragon gives you different amount of 7773.png War Badge while BG Phoenix gives you 17 32141.png Classic Badge. You can exchange these badges with great equipment and items from NPCs in Battleground waiting room (@go bg). You will also be rewarded 32183.png Shadow Phantom upon winning BG Dragon, this item is needed to enchant your Shadow Gears.

Happy Hours

On Happy Hours, players will be rewarded 50% extra badges. There are 4 Happy Hours in a day:

  • 06:00 - 07:00 server time
  • 09:00 - 10:00 server time
  • 12:00 - 13:00 server time
  • 15:00 - 16:00 server time

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