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Note: AFK or unserious gameplay in BG will result in permanent ban of the account.

How to join Battleground?

  • Typing in game @joinbg 1 or 2
    • By joining, you will be placed on BG queue, the game will begin when there is enough players.
  • You can leave a Battleground queue by RELOG!


Battleground Settings

  • BG 1
    • Normal Mode where the Normal Mode rules applies, basically all items allowed. (1 Boss card restriction.)
    • A rotation of 4 different battle game types.
    • Reward: Many 7773.pngWar Badge & daily quest.
  • BG 2


Battleground 1 BG 1

Battle of Conquest

  • Mini Map: RTENOTITLE
  • In a team of Blue and Red.
  • The red team is the attacking team
  • The blue team is the defending team
  • The Red team need to do all to destroy the 3 Guardian Stones within certain minutes to win the battle, if they fail to do so, the blue team will win.


  • Mini Map: RTENOTITLE
  • On this game, each team has 50 points at start.
  • They need to grab as many flags as possible.
  • The more flags you have, the less points you will lose.
  • The team losing all 50 Points will lose the game.
  • Special buff in middle of the map ~~

Kingdom Rush

  • Three team to rush into the Kingdom, the first team to break the Emperium will claim the victory!
  • There are also 3 Mini boss which also grants badges to the team that kill thems.

New World

  • Two teams clashes each other, and the survival team claims the victory!

Battleground 2 BG 2

Krieger von Midgard

  • KvM is a simple two team fighting each other, the survival team claims the prizes!

Stone Control

  • Collect as many stones to your base.
  • The more stones, the faster points gained.

Tierra Bossnia

  • Kill the opponent Boss in their base.

The Lobby

  • It's a place where all BG related NPCs are gathered.
  • The lobby can be access by typing @go bg
    • image.png.a373237d69dffd864966fcd79f130668.png

NPCs in the Lobby

  • Kafra Staff
  • Admiral
  • Repairman

Equipment Recycler

  • image.png.12429bd3be4709d2ba25900da64936e0.png
  • This NPC collects Glorious BG gears and she will give you classic badges in return.




Shadow Equipment Enchants

  • image.png.d5ed1844c33cff1e43ca7acb77b55baf.png
  • Guillaume can help you with adding 1-3 random Enchants to your Shadow Equipments.
  • Enchant Requirement:
  • Unenchant requirement:
    • 10x 7773.pngWar Badge = 20% chance to fail & destroy the equipment.
    • 300x 7773.pngWar Badge = 0% chance to fail
    • RTENOTITLEVIP Coin = 0% chance to fail
  • 1~3 Possible Enchants are:
80% chance for following: 20% chance for following:


Prince Croix

  • Daily 2 Battle Token quest!


Classic Store

Bravery Weapons Valorous Weapons Glorious Weapons
Equipments Glorious Equipment Shadow Equipment


War Store

Avenger Weapons Shadow Equipment


Battle Machine

  • Insert a ​14435.pngBattle Token​and chance to obtain following item:
ETC 14300.png1st Class Shadow Box 14632.pngCostume Box(Classic)




BG Supply Machine

Skill Catalysts Consumeable Equipments


Those are the current Battleground related NPCs ~~ In future, if we release more NPCs, this list will be updated!