Attitude to the New World

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Attitude to the New World




Step by Step

  1. Speak with Monster Scholar near the camp.
    • Monster Scholar in Mid Camp @go 32
    • "Who are you?"
    • "How did you get here?"
    • "When do you go back?"
    • He will need a 6041.pngStrong Vine
  2. Now visit Camp Guard.
    • Camp Guard
    • "I've come here to help with some research."
    • He will then let you into Manuk Field 1.
    • Kill a Nephentes and get a 6041.pngStrong Vine
  3. Now head back to Monster Scholar and speak to him.
  4. Get the items to Monster Scholar. He will make you a Nepheteses Speciment, which you need to bring to his twin brother.
  5. Head to Botanist and give him the Speciment.
    • "Agree with him".
    • "Go check with Rumis if it's true".
    • "Dangerous girls?"
    • "It's hard to say"
    • "What are you talking about?"
    • He will give you a task to defeat 30x Pinguicula
  6. Now head to Camp Guard at the west and enter Splendide Field 2.
  7. In the Splendide Field 2, hunt some monsters ~~
  8. After completing the task, head back to Botanist.
    • "What a mysterious world this is!"
    • He will then give you a new task to kill 10x Cornus
  9. Now head to Camp Guard at the west and enter Splendide Field 2.
  10. After entering Splendide Field 2, you need to go south to enter Splendide Field 3.
    • and kill some
  11. Then @go 32 and quickly visit Botanist again.
    • He will give you 1x 6035.pngDecaying Stem
    • and asks you to meet him up near the mushroom west of the bridge.
  12. Walk to the west of the bridge, then Botanist will appear.
  13. He will ask you to plant the 6035.pngDecaying Stem into the Dirt.
  14. Speak with Botanist again to show him the Sprout and he will be amazed and sending you to Monster Scholar.
  15. Goto Monster Scholar and speak with him.
    • Monster Scholar in Mid Camp @go 32
    • He mentions a new find about a new monster and asks you for escort service.
    • "Okey".
  16. Let's go to Manuk Field for some hunts! Go to Camp Guard.
    • Camp Guard
  17. In Manuk Field 1, find a Frozen Tree.
    • It's actually Monster Scholar who's hiding up there.
    • He will ask you to hunt 20x 6032.pngHorn of Hillslion for him. They drop from Hillslion.
  18. After gathering the Horns, get back to the Frozen Tree.
    • Rumis Block aka Monster Scholar will be thankful and gives you the next mission.
  19. Get back to the Mid Camp with @go 32 and speak to Monster Scholar.
    • He heard someone was attacked to the east and need you to hunt 10x Tatacho.
  20. Walk to the east map Manuk Field 2 and hunt some Tatachos ~~
  21. After completing this task, head back to Monster Scholar at Mid Camp.
    • He will ask you 2 questions.
    • He will reward you with EXP ~~
  22. Now before we finish this quest, bring Monster Scholar a 6033.pngHorn of Tendrilion dropped from Tendrillion.