Asgard & main NPCs

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Asgard and main NPCs


This topic, I will explain a little of our capital Asgard and which custom NPCs we have.
I will also include the other towns, cities and villages aside from Asgard. ~~

As I covered in Day 1 topic with ingame commands, the useful one is @go command.
You can type @go 0-39 to teleport to different cities, towns and villages. 
Type @go 0 to teleport to Asgard.


Our beautiful capital, a colorful place above in the sky.
A place for everyone to visit, save point and enjoy!

  • Map Size: Large
  • Avg Population: 60-100
  • NPCs: 30+

Other Towns/Cities/Villages

  • There are many many of them in LimitRO, here is a list of all their names.
    1. Morocc
    2. Geffen
    3. Payon
    4. Alberta
    5. Izlude
    6. Aldebaran
    7. Lutie
    8. Comodo
    9. Yuno
    10. Amatsu
    11. Gonryun
    12. Umbala
    13. Niflheim
    14. Louyang
    15. Prontera
    16. Vending Harbor
    17. Jawaii
    18. Ayothaya
    19. Einbroch
    20. Lighthalzen
    21. Einbech
    22. Hugel
    23. Rachel
    24. Veins
    25. Moscovia
    26. Manuk
    27. Splendide
    28. Dewata
    29. Eclage
    30. Dicastes
    31. Malaya
    32. Mid Camp
    33. Mora
    34. Brasilis
    35. Malangdo
    36. Battleground
    37. Lasagna
    38. Limit HQ
    39. Rockridge


Important NPCs and Custom NPCs

  • Fairy Healer
    • Can be found in most of the towns, this NPC gives you a full heal off HP/SP and Agi up + Blessing upon a simple click!
  • Kafra Employee
    • Offering the saving service.
      • You can put your save point in nearby this NPC, when you dies, you will load up on the save point.
    • Opens up your storage.
      • Opens up your storage the classic way, but in LimitRO you can use @storage
    • You can rent push cart.
      • You can rent push cart for Merchant classes.
  • Admiral
    • Job Change service
      • You can change your job here without doing the job quests.
    • Refinery for weapon and equipment
      • You can refine your weapons and equipment with the new UI, simple refine and multi refine feature.
    • Card remover
      • You can remove cards from equipment/weapon without the risk of losing any item.
    • Rent mounts
      • You can rent Peco Peco, Carts, Warg, falcon etc.
    • Reset Stats and Skills
      • Did you add wrong stats or skills? You can reset them with this NPC.
    • Platinum skill giver.
      • Gives you extra quest skills.
  • Stylist
    • Tired of your current color color, hair style and hair color?
    • Simply speak to this NPC and he can change your styling between thousands of color pattern and 50 hairstyles!
  • Teleport Device
    • Exclusive in Asgard, the device will allow you to quickly move to different part of Asgard.
  • Identifier Dog
    • He will sell Magnifier for you.
    • In LimitRO, if you have 611.pngMagnifier in inventory, you can "CTRL + Right Mouse Click" on an Unidentified item to identify it.
  • Daily slot
  • Coin Shop
  • Limit Group Officer
    • He holds the key into the Eden Group house and the Limit Group house <3
  • Mr. Wise the Hat Maker
    • The most loved NPC with hundred of Hats available as quest ^^
  • Costume Girl Alice
    • Costume Headgear maker, pretty new ~~
  • Warper
    • Very useful NPC with power to warp you to a lot of places!
  • Helper Desk
    • Displays how many and which Helper is online ^^
    • You can ask Helpers nicely for help, and I'm sure they are pleased to help you out!
  • PvP Arenas
    • This NPC has many PvP rooms for you to enter and maybe kill some other players default_ohmy.png 
  • Genie
    • Event Genie, he has a nice event shop (details will be explained another day!)
    • All automatic Events ingame are related to this NPC.
    • The events are held in random towns.
  • Dress Genie
    • She can help you change your 3rd Job Outfits ^^
  • Aladdin
    • He is a daily NPC which gives you event points ^^
  • Tiger Melon
    • Daily Event point farm feature ~~
    • Need 5 people to start the party!
  • Fishing Master
    • Holding the Fishers ranking and also deals out prizes for reaching certain Fishing points.
  • Ferrah
    • When you participate in WoE, which comes in future, you receive Points.
    • Those points can be spent here.
  • WoE Information
    • This NPC displays the WoE days and time and the castle!
  • Guild Base Keeper
    • If you have Guild Base Tickets and Guild, you can rent Guild Base from this NPC.
    • A special place for guildies to gather and do activities!
  • Happy Marry
    • You can get married with another player here ^^
  • Combat Researcher
  • Traning Ground
    • You can test your damage and builds by hitting those eggs ~~
  • Walk Street
    • Here you can find many Merchant services such as Socket enchanting, materials and some Rebellion armory!

I think I covered most of the important NPCs in Asgard ~~ There are so many more out there in this massive world, but I leave that to you to explore! <3