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Asgard is the custom main town exclusive to Limit Ragnarok. This is where people can gather for events and do most of non PVP or PVM activities. This is an English speaking town, means, you are not allowed to use language other than English here.


There are several sections of Asgard that you can access by walking or talking to the blue Teleporter Device.

  • Event Corner, place where the hourly events are held.
  • Smithery Table, place where Smiths gather to help you refine and repair your gears.
  • Cash Service is where you deal with VIP and Cash.
  • Guild Hall, here you can find the Flags that shows castle ownerships.
  • House Street, Housing is one of the cool feature in Limit RO, you can visit houses in this area.
  • Walk Street, this is the place where merchants gather to sell you stuffs.
  • Training Ground is where you go when you want to test your damage to dummies.
  • Wedding Garden is where you can have your wedding ceremony, you can even have same-sex wedding here!
  • Gardens, there are several gardens in Asgard beside Wedding Garden, they're there for the view.

Asgard Blessing

Whenever you arrive to Asgard, you will be buffed with Asgard Blessing. It gives you level 10 Blessing.png Blessing and Increase AGI.png Increase Agi.