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Disclaimer: its up to you if you want to follow this guide as it is.

Arch Bishop
Arch Bishop.png
Job Base(s): Priest
High Priest
Job Type: 3-1
Changes At: Prontera Sanctuary
Number of Skills: 19
Total Skill Points: 104
Total Quest Skills: 0
Job Bonuses
+6 +5 +7 +10 +7 +2


Arch Bishops are the the 3rd job of the Priest classes. Their names are often abbreviated and referred to as "AB". They have in short AoE support skills, such as shields and heals. Another interesting thing they recieved, is the ability to use some offensive Holy spells to fight off the undead.

Job Change Guide

Changing your characters from Novice -> Acolyte -> Priest -> High Novice -> High Acolyte -> High Priest -> Arch Bishop can be done by talking to Admiral npc in most towns. Select the second option on the dialogue window.


Change Job

Note: to successfully change job, your character must fully allocate all available skill points and/or take off cart or mount as required by Admiral npc.


Full Support: Even though this is a pretty standard build, its an overall build between damage and support.

Str:1~50 mainly for weight

Agi:40~60 for animation delay

Vit:100~120 HP and tankiness

Int:100~110 SP and cast

Dex:120 mainly for dex boots cast reduction


Full Damage: Not much difference between a support one.



Vit:90~100 total

Int:120 for Int boots switching

Dex:120 for Dex boots switching





Vit:100 total




Tactics and Role

Party Menu Healing / Buffing

The most effective way to heal and buff a party is through the Party Menu (accessible through Alt + Z). Trying to heal a party by manually clicking players can become impossible when players become mobbed or are bunched up, and can lead to players dying. This is why it is strongly recommended to make use of the party menu. Another benefit to the party menu is the ability to monitor all players' health. Ensure that the "Lock Menu" feature is on (by clicking the picture of the lock) when using this system to avoid opening private messages when trying to heal / buff a player.


SP Conservation / Recovery

One of the biggest issues new priests have when playing the class is maintaining their SP. There are many ways for priests to ensure that they always have SP for those dire situations. These are some important methods on maintaining SP:

  • Always make sure that Magnificat is on at all times. This skill will not only keep a much higher regeneration rate of SP for the Priest, but also to the killers in the party that rely on SP for skill use as well.
  • Make use of Assumptio or Kyrie Eleison skills. Keeps people protected and will drastically save SP on healing in the long run. These skills can help fragile AoE killer classes such as Rangers or caster classes a lot. Note that any character cannot have both buffs on at the same time. An Arch Bishop can also use Praefatio, which will give KE to all party members. If the Priest notices that certain party members are lagging behind, using KE on them will give them time and leeway to retreat back to where the party is.
  • Stack SP Regeneration or Max SP increase equipment. Gearing a Priest up with equipment that will increase their SP regeneration or SP pool will vastly help a player to maintain SP at all times.
  • Always have SP regeneration consumables on hand. All players should have SP consumables on hand at all times to regenerate SP, at least in emergencies, and this includes Priests as well. As most classes should have HP healing items of some sort on them at all times, Priests should also have SP rejuvenating items on them.

Some common items that can be easily obtained for SP regeneration include:

578.png Strawberry
From Spores or Yoyos.
505.png Blue Potion
From Jitterbug.
510.png Blue Herb
From Mavkas .
526.png Royal Jelly
From Gonryun Dungeon lv1.
12333.png Ancilla
From Ancilla skill, can carry max 3.

Primary Arch Bishop Skills

There are several skills that every Arch Bishop should have to be a successful support class for their party.

Clementia: AoE party Blessing, should be kept up at all times.

Cantocandidus: AoE party Increase Agility, should also be kept up at all times.

Sacrament: The most important buff that Arch Bishops have. It reduces fixed cast time by 50% and should be casted onto the Arch Bishop themselves at all times.

Coluseo Heal: AoE Heal with a boosted rate based on number of party members but SP costly.

Meditatio: This skill should be maxed. It increases Maximum SP and SP regeneration rate as well as the amount of HP that is restored using the Heal skill.

Heal: Cheaper to use than High Heal and good when a party member has taken only very little damage.

Magnificat: Most people in the party (PVM wise) rely on this heavily for SP regeneration.

Resurrection: Mandatory for PVM / MVP party situations, as deaths are inevitable. Always have this skill maxed for instant resurrection.

Lauda Ramus and Agnus: Basically AOE Status Recovery to everyone in the same party, but by chance.

Some Useful Tips

Some skills in the priests arsenal may not serve a strong use while still leveling as a Priest, but many may have uses in MVP situations or other specific scenarios. These should be hotkeyed as well, and often an Arch Bishop will have all four rows of hotkeys used up. Some of these include:

Pneuma: A pretty useful skill that blocks all incoming ranged damage to anyone inside it (3x3 area).

Aspersio/Expiatio: These skills will greatly improves a party member's physical damage when the monsters are weak to the Holy element, as they are.

Blessing: You can use this to remove Stone Cursed or Cursed targets.

Safety Wall: Block all melee range attacks including skills, giving you more time to stay alive (1 cell).




4913.png  Essence of Evil Int Lv3 - +4 INT, +12 Matk and -4 STR.
4625.png  Timeholder Card - 20% MATK
4452.png  Centipede Larva Card - INT + 1, MATK + 3.
Racial magic damage increasing cards.


Basically Robe of Judgement Set is included in the armor section, but here are some more suggestion of what can you wear to have various playstyles.

(*1)DEF or MATK enchants.


4315.png  Pest Card - Cast Stone Curse when inflicted with physical damage.
4054.png  Angeling Card - Makes your armor Holy property, similar to Holy Scrolls.
4047.png  Ghostring Card - Makes your armor Ghost property.
4105.png  Marc Card - Makes you immune to freeze.
4324.png  Garm/Hatii Card - Freezes enemies that hit you.
4652.png  Nightmare Amon Ra Card - 50% more magic damage on Shadow and Undead mobs and Demon and Undead race.
4451.png  Entweihen Crothen Card - Flat 100 MATK.






4269.png  Incubus Card - INT -3, MaxSP +150, -20% SP recovery; when worn with, Succubus Card, INT +4, +30% SP recovery
4241.png  Arc Angeling Card - When base of LUK 77 or higher, 100% SP regen and HP regen, MHP+300
4557.png  Weakened Fenrir Card- +25 MATK.
4582.png  Bungisngis Card - +1% HP every 2 refine.
4198.png  Maya Purple Card - Detects hidden enemies.
4403.png  Kiel-D-01 Card - Reduces after cast delay by 30%
4556.png  Fenrir Card - +50 MATK 70% fixed cast reduction and +5 MATK every refine.
4372.png  White Lady Card - +30% Heal effectiveness but +15%  more SP consumption.
4148.png  Pharaoh Card - Reduces SP consumption by 30%.
4132.png  Mistress Card - Nullify gemstone consumption and SP consumption by 25%



4174.png  Deviling Card - -50% damage from Neutral attacks, +50% damage from non-Neutral attacks.
4133.png  Raydric Card - -20% damage from Neutral attacks.
4334.png  Noxious Card - 10% ranged attacks damage reduction and  10% Neutral attack reduction.



4160.png  Firelock Soldier Card - nice card for shoes/boots as it gives extra +MHP and +MSP at 9+ refine state.
4378.png  Gold Acidus Card - MaxHP and MaxSP +4%; if refined to no higher than +4, additional MaxHP and MaxSP +4%, +5% HP and SP recovery.
4107.png  Verit Card - MaxHP and MaxSP +8%


Best carded with Thara Frog, Alice, Khalitzburg Knight, Hodremlin or Elemental Reduction cards.



4044.png  Smokie Card - Enables Lv1 Hiding.
4252.png  Alligator Card - Long range damage reduced by 5%.

Shadow Gear

Scatter Shadow set for mainly all.

Archbishop Weapon and Shield only for Ado build, since for now whole set is still unavailable.

Donation Gear

For overall PVM build .

  • Stats on top HG.
  • HP&SP for mid and low.
  • HP, Redux, MATK on Wings and Amulet.

For PVP and WoE.

  • Redux for all.

Class Information


Skill Description/Effect Max Level Type


Holy single target damage skill, causes Blind and Decrease Agi. 10 Offensive


Creates a consumable that restores huge amount of SP. 1 Active


Casts Increase AGI on all party members that are close to you and has additional +1 AGI per 10 JobLVs. 3 Supportive


Removes status ailments and status buffs from target monster or party member. Does not work on players outside your party. 5 Active


Casts Blessing on all party members that are close to you and has additional +1 STR, INT and DEX per 10 JobLVs. 3 Supportive
Coluseo Heal.png

Coluseo Heal

Casts Heal on all party members radius around you and has additional +2.5% bonus healing for each party member in range. 3 Supportive
Duple Light.png

Duple Light

Battle AB skill that grants user a chance to auto cast an extra Magic or Physical damage on target. 10 Active


Casts a tree that resurrects friendly dead players in a 5x5 area on the ground. While giving increased HP, HP and SP recovery. 5 Supportive


Increase attack power and resistance against Demons and Shadow monsters. 10 Passive


Endows target with Holy and grants DEF bypassing percentage. 5 Supportive
High Heal.png

Highness Heal

Heals target with 2~3.2x power. 5 Supportive


Deals Holy magical damage to target within 3x3 area. 5 Offensive
Lauda Agnus.png

Lauda Agnus

Chance to remove Frozen, Stone, Blind, Freezing, Crystallization, and Burning from party members while also giving bonus VIT for 60 seconds. 4 Supportive
Lauda Ramus.png

Lauda Ramus

Chance to remove Silence, Sleep, Stun, Mandragora Howling, and Deep Sleep from party members while also giving bonus LUK for 60 seconds. 4 Supportive


Increases the efficiency of healing skills while increasing SP Cost of all skills. 5 Active


Reduces Holy element resistance of enemies in a 15-cell radius around you by 2~20%. 10 Active


Casts Kyrie Eleison on party members in a 18-cell radius around you. 10 Supportive


Recover 3% HP every 5 seconds on non-undead target and deals damage on undead target. 1 Supportive


Reduces 50% fixed cast time. 5 Supportive


Inflict Silence status on enemies around you. 5 Supportive

Equipment Skills

Skill Description Levels SP Cast Time & Cool down Type Equipment
Odin's Power.png For 60 seconds, +70 Equipment ATK and MATK. -20 Equipment DEF and MDEF. 1 70 Instant Supportive 2156.png Bible of Promise (1st Vol.)
For 60 seconds, +100 Equipment ATK and MATK. -20 Equipment DEF and MDEF. 2 100 2162.png Bible of Promise (2nd Vol.)

Arch Bishop Alternative Outfit

By talking to the Dress Genie near the Event Genie, you can change your outfit to a new one. It consumes:

32095.png Deluxe Dress Ticket


Note: for the default version you can just choose old outfit option, ticket is only used for new one.