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Adoption system allows you and your partner to adopt a character and turn it into Baby character, however it is not the only way to become a baby character. You can also talk to Admiral as a Novice with 10 job level.

Baby Job

Baby characters are smaller than normal characters in appearance, including their pet, mount, etc.


There are some benefits and limitation of being a baby:


  • Baby and parents can share EXP without level gap limitation.
  • Baby characters are considered as small sized, means cards like Skeleton Worker card doesn't affect them.


  • Baby characters can only have 75% of normal character's Max HP and Max SP.
  • Maximum stat for Baby character is 80 at job 2 and trans, and 117 at job 3.
  • Baby characters have 1200 less weigh limit.
  • Baby Whitesmith and Alchemist will have 50% less chance on brewing and forging.

How To Adopt

Before adopting, you need to make sure you and your partner are married

  1. Make party with your partner and the adoptee.
  2. Adoptee has to be a Novice.
  3. Right click on the adoptee character and choose the option to adopt.

Adoption Exclusive Skills

  • Mom, Dad, I love you!.png Remove EXP penalty upon death on parents.
  • Mom, Dad, I miss you!.png Mom, Dad, I miss you!: Baby exclusive skill, call parents to baby's side.
  • Come to me, honey-.png Come To Me, Honey: Skill exclusive to parents, calls their baby to their side.

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