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  • Ingame commands are one of the most important parts of gameplay.
  • You can see the list of available commands in game by writing @commands.
  • Currently we have more than 50 public commands.
  • Learning those commands is important and can make game more friendly.

How to use them?

  • You can activate and deactivate commands simply by writing them in chat box.
  • All commands starts with @


Info Commands

Command Effect
  • Displays list of available commands in game.
  • this command displays exact server Date and Time
  • It's important to know the server time, because we have many time based events.
  • A command that will display your current jail time.
  • Informational command that displays every online player and their characters job and level.
  • You can also type @who2 Lai to get detailed information about specific player. 
  • @who 2 [player name] work only if player is online
  • Informational command for checking up an item ingame.
  • Type @ii apple or @ii [itemid], for example @ii 512 to see the details of this item ingame.
  • You will also find a list of similiar item names as recommend search result. 
  • Informational command for checking up a monster ingame.
  • Type @mi poring or @mi monsterid, for example @mi 1002 to see the monster details.
  • HP, Drops and etc will be displayed.
  • A useful command to search which monster drops a certain item.
  • Example if you type @whodrops apple it will show a list of top 5 monsters dropping it and the drop chance
  • Displays Server Bulletin
  • Displays current ingame rates.
  • A useful command to search where is each monster
  • Example if you type @whereis poring it will show a list of all maps with poring respawn and the quantity
  • Shows all items in your inventory



  • Shows all homunculus info
  •  command to check who is selling certain items ingame.
  • Type example @whosells itemid it will show all vendors selling the itemid and the coords.
  •  command to check who is selling certain items ingame.
  • Type example @whosells itemid it will show all vendors selling the itemid and the coords.
  • Use; @whosells2 (<+refine>)(<item_id>)(<[card_id]>) or @whosells2 <name>
  • shows your stats in details.

Action Commands

Command Effect
  • This command turns on the Autoloot, when a monster is killed, you will auto gain all items into your inventory.
  • You can type @autoloot 1-100 to activate autoloot percentage.
  • Example: @autoloot 1 will allow you to autoloot all items that has drop rate 1% or lower.
  • This command allows you to autoloot a certain item id.
  • You can autoloot up to 10 IDs at once.
  • Example of how to active a command: @alootid ID ID ID


  • Activate this to hold your character on 1 position.
  • When hold is on, you can't move.
  • Type this command with a character name to send the character a duel invitation.
  • Example: @duel Lai


  • Those 2 commands are for accepting a duel or reject a duel invitation.
  • To invite someone into the duel
  • To leave a duel.
  • A useful command for you to setup an AFK message, if someone Private Messages you.
  • Example: @away I'm currently eating.
  • Everyone who PMs you will see this message.
  • A command that blocks invitations such as trading requests, guild/party invitations.
  • Turning this on will mean rejecting all of those requests.
  • Very helpful command, against Kill Stealers.
  • Turning this on will protect the monster that you are currently attacking.
  • Although in LimitRO, we only protect 1 Monster.
  • Allows you to buy item 14467.pngRefinery
  • Example: @refinery 10
  • Allows you to buy item RTENOTITLE Magnifier
  • Example: @magnify10
  • For guild leader to broadcast to all their guild members
  • Type @cm Hello my guild members!



  • To send a message to your Alliance guild members.
  • @ac Hello alliance!
  • A command to ignore a certain player ingame
  • You will ignore Normal chat and private message by typing example @ignore Lai
  • To revert the ignored person.
  • This command is ask for help command.
  • You can type @request I need help or the question.
  • This then the message will be displayed to all online GMs or Helpers.



  • If you setup a Vendor with merchant in Vending Harbor, you can use this command to Vend "Offline".
  • Simply use this command after you finish setting up the vend.
  • This command allows you to open up the Search item Vends feature.
  • A warping command, very useful you can use this to warp into different cities and locations.
  • Type @go for a list of places to be warped to.
  • Example type @go 0 to warp to Asgard.
  • To open up PvP room warp NPC
  • Only for taekwon jobs to reset the Feeling.
  • A funny command, to display special chats with your name infront of it.
  • Try @me eating an apple ingame.
  • A special command for you to hatch an pet egg without the pet incubator.
  • Very useful command, this will open your storage at any time.
  • A suicide command, to instant kill yourself.
  • To rename your pet.
  • A special command to change your chat font style
  • There are 1-9 styles ingame
  • Type @font 1 to activate style 1.
  • A command to give you a graphic ingame to check your casting cell range.
  • square - command you can use to adjust size of LGP Square effect. (Works when LGP is on)
  • circle - command you can use to turn the circle on/off of LGP effect. (Works when LGP is on)
  • aoes - command that shows you cell effect of AoE skills. (Works when LGP is on)
  • Type @homtalk Hi all, will make your homunculus say those words.
  • Type @pettalk Hi all, will make your pet say those words.
  • You can type @joinbg 1 to join Battleground for War Badge reward
  • You can type @joinbg 2 to join for Transcendent Job only Battleground for Classic Badge reward.
  • This command will put you out of the BG queue.
  • If you own a Guild Base, you can type this command to instant warp there.
  • This command is only for Battleground Leaders, it's used to call all team mates to your spot in BG.
  • You can use this command, if you own a House ingame.
  • A command to bring up your L-Phone service - need to have L-Phone to activate this command.
  • Use it to fresh up your client, to help with position lags.
  • Use this in town, to search items sold or buy by other players/vendors.
  • Simply type in ItemID.@search
  • Removes the instance window when open an instance.
  • Locks your inventory from item drop permanent.



Global Chat System

Rule: English Only & do not abuse like spam, you will be punished if caught or reported. (From mute to temp ban.)

  • Those four are broadcast commands to display chat to everyone ingame.
  • Use different command for different purpose, example trade for Sell Buy Trade etc.

Command Effect
  • For major chit chats.
  • Costs 1000 Zeny
  • For questions and help needed.
  • Costs 1000 Zeny
  • For party recruit and guild recruit, looking for guild party.
  • Costs 500 Zeny
  • For sell, buy, trade and price checks.
  • Costs 500 Zeny
  • You can double click on name to whisper.

Channel Commands

  • @channel create ChannelName
    • To create an ingame channel.
  • @channel create ChannelName Password
    • To create an ingame channel with password.
  • @channel join ChannelName
    • To join an existing channel.
  • @channel join ChannelName Password
    • To join an existing channel with password.
  • @channel leave ChannelName
    • Leaving a channel
  • @channel bindto ChannelName
  • @channel unbind 
  • @channel setopt ChannelName Color Delay
  • To chat in the channel, simply whisper to the channel name with a #.


/command list

There are a bunch of client side commands which starts with / 


Command Effect
  • To display the Taekwon rank ingame
  • To display the Blacksmith rank ingame
  • To display the Alchemist rank ingame
  • To see the online number
  • To save private message chat or chat room chats into a txt file
  • To display ingame Help information
  • To sit down ingame or stand up.
  • To leave a chat room
  • To show you current location and coordinations.
  • Create a chat room.
  • Shakes your ingame head.
  • Rotates ingame character
  • Roates ingame character
  • To block all ingame private message
  • To enable all ingame private message
  • To block certain player ingame.
  • For Acolyte to save the Warp Memo

Other /commands

Command Effect
  • To display Aura effect ingame
  • To enable custom homunculus AI
  • To enable custom mercenary AI


  • Display tip of the day
  • Turn all ingame effect on/off.
  • Change character ingame name display method 1 / 2.