Lucky Roulette

This is a luck based slotting machine, insert a coin and Start!


Prize List


Double click on any of the coins to obtain Lucky Roulette machine credits.

  • Here, I have 8 Lucky Coin Bronze, 1 Lucky Coin Silver and 0 Lucky Coin Gold credits.
  • With 1 Lucky Coin(Bronze), you can play 1 round, have chance to obtain items from the bottom 2 rows.
  • With 10 Lucky Coin(Silver)& 10 Lucky Coin(Gold) and  you can play 1 round, have chance to obtain 
  • Each round, you will land on a random item, if you are happy with the Result, simply "Get Prize" to claim it.
  • You will lose if you land on ANY Lucky Coins during the roulette.

How to obtain Lucky Coins?

The following daily quests gives Lucky Coin(Bronze)as reward.