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#27358: Prison Breaker Card

Prison Breaker Card

Reduces physical damage taken from Poison, Earth, Wind, Shadow and Undead property by 30%.
Increases physical damage taken from Holy, Ghost and Fire property by 100%.
Misc.: Card
Compound on: Garment
Weight: 1

Item ID 27358 For Sale No
Identifier Prison Breaker Card Credit Price Not For Sale
Name Prison Breaker Card Type Card
NPC Buy 20 Weight 1
NPC Sell 10 Attack 0
Range 0 Defense 0
Slots 0 Refineable No
Equip Level 0 Weapon Level 0
Equip Locations Garment
Equip Upper None
Equippable Jobs None
Equip Gender Unknown
Item Move Restrictions None

Prison Breaker Card Dropped By

Monster ID Monster Name Prison Breaker Card Drop Chance Monster Level Monster Race Monster Element
20371 Prison Breaker 0.5% 186 Undead Level 2 Undead