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#19865: Poring Sunglass

Poring Sunglass

Very bouncy little glasses.
Enchant 2 Gemstones on this headgear with help from [Mato Mato]asgard,264,250,0,100,0,0 in Asgard!
Costume: Headgear
Defense: 0
Location: Middle
Weight: 10
Required Level: 0
Applicable Job: All Jobs

Item ID 19865 For Sale No
Identifier L_Poring Sunglass Credit Price Not For Sale
Name Poring Sunglass Type Armor
NPC Buy 5,000 Weight 0
NPC Sell 2,500 Attack 0
Range 0 Defense 0
Slots 0 Refineable No
Equip Level 1 Weapon Level 0
Equip Locations Middle Headgear
Equip Upper Normal / Upper / Baby
Equippable Jobs All Jobs
Equip Gender Both (Male and Female)
Item Move Restrictions None

Poring Sunglass Dropped By

Monster ID Monster Name Poring Sunglass Drop Chance Monster Level Monster Race Monster Element
2698 Elusive Poring 5% 1 Plant Level 1 Water