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Feelings Acknowledged

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Please be noted this is purely fictional.


            My life had always been carefree, much to the point of being dull. At the place where I called home, my buddy was always there with me without fail whenever I needed random chatters to kill time. She was the greatest gift from God to me.


“Good weather, isn’t it?†I started a conversation with my oh-so-typical question.


 â€œBe it rain or sun, it’s always a good weather for us.â€


True. Unlike them, we enjoy almost every kind of weather; we’d gladly bathe with pouring raindrops, dance under the thick clouds or even get a cool tan from the blazing sun.


“I love it when it rains everyday, but not too much of rain because I dislike bathing in a tub.â€


“Oh yeah, especially when the tub water rises above your head, it becomes pointless.â€


“You mean ‘life becomes pointless’ hah,†I grinned as I stared into the grey sky as raindrops tapped my body lightly before trickling down to the earth. She replied with a smile and watched the traffic slowing down due to slippery roads.


“I wonder how much they hate the rain...†her face solemn as the colour of the sky, I could tell she was reminiscing about the accident that occurred right before our eyes just 2 days ago.



It was right after a downpour; roads were slick and reflecting the light from the warm sun which was just crawling out from the thinned clouds after the rain. These roads are what you’d call the “highwaysâ€, where cars usually speed up to 140km/h or even more (even though there are signboards constantly reminding you that the limit is 110!). Our eyes fixated on a car disregarding these signboards as it sped along the track.


            It was, unfortunately, so within our expectation – so clichéd – the car lost control right before exiting our line of sight and then the next we heard wasn’t its loud screeching engine anymore, but loud crashes between metals. The next we saw weren’t cars passing by anymore, but them braking abruptly and drifting away from the impact while those that failed skidded into it.


            Then the worse came when an oil tanker joined the freak accident as it rolled over trying to avoid the impact. Several cars were crushed underneath. Much to our horror was being able to see souls departing and hearing the cries of their loved ones. We would’ve gladly made ourselves a cushion for them to cry on, but we’re rooted to the ground, literally.


            We are merely a small existence in the world – insignificant, petty – a boring entity. Whatever we do for our life isn’t even comparable to a human’s, as we can only observe, incapable of words and sounds. We are only given the sense of presence when someone decides to look at us out of boredom, and even that is hard enough because we are only blades of grass growing on an unnamed hill by the highway.


“I-I’m sure they dislike it, but not to the extent of hate... maybe,†blatant lies; I was just the same as her wondering the same question without a definite answer, but I just had to comfort her. She remained silent.


It took me quite some time to get her talking again for the rest of the day. Not too bad, since there was something particular to do, then again nobody likes to see his/her beloved one sad.


On a random sunny day, a group of people approach this very hill and looked at us. Yes, us, it was a refreshing feeling to see humans up close looking at us.


“I definitely wouldn’t mind trading stares with them for the rest of the day. Hey, hello there people,†I uttered in delight and danced around.


“Too bad they don’t have the leisure to do the same. And it’s not like they can sense your psi, much less responding to it,†She danced wildly, as if trying to garner their attention.


“Oh silly, ya’ lookin’ silly. Look, they’re not even bothered by your steps,†I snickered and waltzed.


“Dear, you’re no match for me when it comes to rhythms,†she replied with a graceful waltz with me. I might’ve failed to attract the gentlemen, but I got the girl next door! Well, in reality, no sane human would correctly perceive this as a beautiful performance from us.


One man in black suit approached us and announced, “This is a good spot. We can use here to show the drivers that they are now on the Perak-Selangor border. Look at this beautiful grass…â€


“Omigawdomigawdomigawd! Beautiful he said! He said beautiful! Bee-you-tee-fool!†(Translation: oh my God! He said we’re beautiful!) I began cheering and ignored whatever he said after.


Strangely enough, the saying of “happiness is contagious†didn’t apply well here. Her smile didn’t last longer than a second and then her face went pale as her eyes glittered with tears. I asked in confusion, yet she was trembling so much she couldn’t spill her words. The same man who called us beautiful came closer and took out a cylindrical white object. He pressured the tip on my other neighbours and moved the item downwards, leaving a trace of chalk which coincidentally marked the line between me and her. He then instructed a few men and they moved along and drew more lines.


“Ah done! See that I marked ‘WELCOME TO PERAK’? We’ll remove the grass within the marked area…†That was the instance where my confusion cleared, also the same time I realised that I had to be ‘removed’.


 â€œ...On the opposite side, we can write ‘WELCOME TO SELANGOR’ instead. Beautiful, don’t you think so?†he made sure he was loud enough for the crew to hear, also enough to irritate me. He had a big stature and his tummy bounced whenever he took a step. Perhaps it’s that tummy that was releasing all the foul gas from his back, there was also the occasional puffing sound.


“Yes very beautiful. Can we go now? It’s too hot here,†someone at the back raised his hand.


“So they hate sunny days too…†I overheard her murmur. Every second passed spiked us as we unwillingly waited for that day.


            Six days later, a familiar figure approached us. He looked way different from before as he was wearing casual attires. Apparently he was the one who urged the fat boss to leave back then.


“You know,†he faced us and bent down, squatting. Despite being the shortest among the humans who came that day, he cast a shadow upon us so big it covered us and lots of our neighbours completely. In his pocket was an audio-playing device playing songs, probably to ease his boredom at that time. He heaved a long sigh before continuing his monologue.


“The boss got pissed off when I gave a half-assed opinion and proposed to leave. Now he made me do the job alone. ‘Nothing under the sun is fair’, eh?â€


            He put down his umbrella, exposing himself to the strong sunlight he disliked as he took out his tools. Chill ran down my spine when I saw the menacing shovel coming closer, finally squeezing out my feelings in words, “When I see you next time, I-I’ll make sure I’m a being capable of protecting you for eternity!â€


            The shovel was stuck between us and as we shut our eyes tight, he halted and stared at us intently without a word. Just when I thought the suspense was unbearable, he let out a broad smile. The suspense’s suffocating me – I’m better off dead a few seconds ago than to wait, watch the blade cut my body slowly, and die.


“Perhaps he was speaking truth – you guys are pretty – now that I look at you closely.â€


Flattery isn’t what I want at my deathbed!


“I guess I shall put you guys back at my new home. We could use a good bed of grass at our yard.â€


“Oh, wow. What great news, you got me there, haha,†I was still shivering from that near-death experience.


“That’s so great! Now—†her words were interrupted by the shovel dug deep into the soil right between us. Next second I was lifted from the earth with soils on my bottom. We were about to be separated for an immeasurable time.


“What? No! P-Put me down! O-O-Or take her too!†I tried my best trying to reach him with my telepathy, but humans have such advanced brain that they had to abandon their sixth sense or else their body wouldn’t cope – and so I was completely ignored.


“Hey,†she called out to me. Putting up a bitter smile and painfully hiding her tears, she said with a trembling voice, “Silly guy, we can still chat. Just remember my face and my voice until the end. I’m doing the same too.â€


“Sure,†and then I was dumped into a dark container.




I’m now living in an urban area with busy townspeople. I haven’t really made any new friend because my neighbours are pretty much the same old folks from that hill, but it’s not too bad.


“Remember the question you asked?â€




“Oh, well, not everyone hates the rain. My owner enjoys the rain because he likes cool weather. There are also some people who enjoy bathing under the rain just for fun. Sunny day is favoured too, especially when they want to dry their clothes or when they want a clear weather while they’re out. Now I’m sure they don’t dislike them.â€


“I see. Hey you know what? People are more conscious of us who remain here, now that we’re conveying a message. It feels good to be acknowledged.â€


We know we’re both smiling right now.





Written for my residential college magazine in 2011, a really random story. I don't know if anyone actually enjoyed it but it's been sitting in my computer collecting virtual dust.

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