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Changelogs - Christmas is here!

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Been a busy week, not ingame but real life ~~
Although was still able to deliver some updates <3
New amulets and a new Christmas quest <3

Cash Shop

  • Added new Amulets ~~
  • Removed VIP Shop NPC
  • Added VIP Shop related items to Cash Shop.
  • 32014.pngVIP Coin will now give you 10 Cash Points when you double click it.
  • All Deco Stones now has a bonus of All Stats +2 (God Deco has +3 All Stats)


  • Costume Hat unenchant will cost 1 VIP Coin (instead of 5)


  • All Refine Tickets are now tradeable.
  • Rockridge Costume hats released.

Bug Fix


  • Zodiac 11 has ended and 12 has begun! The last one! ~~
  • Christmas event quest ~~
    • image.png

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