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LRO November Roundup - Welcome to our World!

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This month, we welcome an angel to the LRO family and we venture into an unexplored terrain...


We usually feature major game updates here, but let's move to the real world for a while to welcome the newest addition to the Zhou family: GM Wendi!
Born: 2017.11.20 - Server Time 13:00 (exact)
. Please wish Wendi good health for the coming year /lv

Going back to our game, a new adventure awaits! 


Yee-haw /! Talk to Karam Pucci in Alberta to access this new town.


  • Added a fix patch of updated lro.exe and gepard.dll
  •  Fixed the CHANGE CHAR crashing error


  • Zodiac 11 is here - woof woof, here comes the doggo! 
  • Genie Event updates
    • Improved the Event Point rewards
    • Disabled loot on Moonfild
  • Gladiator Tournament updates: more details here!

  • Farming Spotlight event: double the loots, double your earnings! Selected monsters will have DOUBLE Spawn Rate on specific maps on certain days from 00:00 until 23:59 server time.

  • Spoiler

    Tuesday - Gourmet Day

    • Savage Meat - Savage - mjolnir_07
    • Blood of Wolf / Claw of Desert Wolf - Desert Wolf - ra_fild01
    • Cold Ice - Ice Titan - ice_dun03
    • Ice Piece - Freezer - tur_dun03
    • Ice Crystal - Iceicle - ice_dun03
    • Beef Head / White Herb / Star Crumb - Majoruros - gl_dun020
    • Drosera Tentacle / Maneater Root / Maneater Bloosom / Sticky Poison- Drosera - ve_fild02
    • Petite's Tail / White Herb / Dragon Canine - Petite - gef_fild06

    Thursday - Mad Scientist Day

    • Soft Silk - Evil Nymph - gon_dun03
    • Witch Starsand - Bathory - alde_dun04
    • Blue Herb / Empty Bottle - Goat - yuno_fild11
    • Honey / Royal Jelly - Zipper Bear - gon_dun01
    • Detonator / Tendon - Marine Sphere - iz_dun03
    • Heart of Mermaid - Iara - bra_dun02
    • Zenorc's Fang - Zenorc - orcsdun02
    • Mould Powder / Tear Gas - Noxious - ein_fild05
    • Smoke Powder  - Alicel / Aliot - kh_dun02
    • Prickly Fruit - Beholder - ra_san02
    • Gun Powder - Pitman - ein_dun01
    • Lemon - Minorous - moc_pryd05

    Friday - Artisan Day

    • Venom Canine - Anacondaq - ra_fild08
    • Bee Sting - Hornet - prt_fild05
    • Cactus Needle - Muka - moc_fild02
    • Poison Spore / Spore - Poison Spore - mjolnir_06
    • Scorpion Tail - Scorpion - moc_fild18
    • Snail's Shell - Ambernite - gef_fild09
    • Horn - Horn - mjolnir_02
    • Rainbow Shell - Stainer - prt_fild02
    • Steel - Apocalypse - juperos_02

    Sunday - Rune Day

    • Blue Hair - Kobold - ra_fild05
    • Burning Heart - Magmaring - ve_fild03
    • Dragon Skin / Dragon Canine - Deleter - mag_dun02
    • Tangled Chains - Disguise - nif_fild01
    • Light Granule - Mimic - tha_t02
    • Solid Shell - Arclouse - alde_dun01
    • Ogre Tooth - High Orc - alde_dun02
    • Honey - Bigfoot - pay_fild07
    • Horrendous Hair - Medusa - beach_dun
    • Destroyed Armor - Tamruan - ayo_dun02
    • Worn-out Magic Scroll - Baba Yaga - mosk_dun03
    • Armor Piece of Dullahan - Dullahan - nif_fild01
    • Elder Branch - Pinguicula - spl_fild02



  • 7701.pngDragon Soul is now tradeable and is dropped by Detale and Niddhoggur's Nest MVP
  • We'll start introducing official slotted mid headgear, with Time Holder dropping 18874.pngMonocle[1]
  • Cash shop headgears lost effect on 20th November
    • All Cash Headgear will turn into:
      • Retired Hat
      • Retired Sunglasses
      • Retired Flu Mask
      • Retired Smile Mask
    • All "OLD Gemstones" will be deleted.
    • Note: You can still recycle them to Mato Mato, and if it's refined (+6 and above), you can contact GM Lai to get refine ticket
  • 22808.pngSpecial Gift Box is now useful and has a low chance to give Costume Headgear
  • Iris Shop in Limit HQ will now sell Costume Box (Balloon)
  • Limit HQ Gear in HQ will now sell 19729.pngNovice on Top
  • PvP Arenas has Deadman's Island as PvP map, LimitRO exclusive!
  • Bombrings now drops 19703.pngTick Tock Boom
  • Protection Gemstone Lv2 is 2% and Lv3 is 4% (ingame wrong description)
  • Costume Invisible Sunglasses can now be obtained from Old Violet Box
  • Costume Invisible Flu Mask can now be obtained from Old Blue Box
  • Costume Invisible Cap can now be obtained from Gift Box.
  • Added new costumes into costume boxes, events, monster drops, and costume girl npc.
  • New cards from Moscovia!



  • Guild member Tab crash fixed.
  • Fixed Shadow Warrior Effect Double Attack Lv
  • Fixed Faceworm cards not dropping.
  • Fixed Gladiator not reducing points when killed.
    • Now reduces 3 Points
  • Fixed issue where when killed in gladiator you didn't have re-entry cooldown.
  • Fixed eternal chain timing
  • Moonlight's Rubbish Heap cleaning now working.
  • Fixed Flee Lv3 Gem not giving proper bonus.
  • Doram Magical Shadow Shield now reduced Catnip Meteor cooldown based on its skill level.
    • Previously was based on shadow shield refine (bug.)
  • Catnip Meteor's cooldown now fixed at 5 seconds for all levels.
  • Time Holder now has its Tomb.
  • Owl Viscount & Marquis now spawn in Nightmare F3 Only.
  • Fixed Frederich not giving reward for Bijou killing.
  • Should fix 16.1 Rubbish Heap issue. If you can't click, talk to Mistress
  • Fixed Tiger Cannon and Endow issue
  • Fixed server time to match the original Europe Time.
  • Fixed bad position for PvP room in Malaya
  • Fixed minor issue with socket enchant.
  • Fixed some costume garment not in costume equip.


NPC updates

  • Mato Mato's new functions:
    • He will now accept Golden Fin, Pipe of Prosperity, Poring Sunglasses and A Leek in recycle.
    • He can now melt CE gemstones
    • He can now upgrade gemstones!
      • You can upgrade your enchanted Lv 1 Gemstone into Lv2 and Lv3.
      • Each upgrade Requires Zeny
      • If upgrade fails, the Gemstone will be destroyed.
    • Removed all Cash related headgear from Cash shop and VIP shop.
    • Cash shop now sells, Lv2 Gemstone = 40CP, Lv3 Gemstone = 60CP
  • All Limit Academy NPCs will now give auto navigation guide to give newbies direction.
  • Added bulk purchase option for:
    • Guarana Candy Maker
    • Chemist Molgenstein
  • Simplified Dye Maker's crafting process.
  • Preview feature for Costume Maker Alice.
  • Moved Malaya's PvP Warper closer to spawn point (previously was too far away!)
  • Added basic town NPCs to Rock Ridge and Verus City.
  • Added special Socket Enchantment NPC Trois in Asgard's Cash Area.
    • Requires Slotting Advertisement item for every socket attempt.
    • Increased chances of socket enchantment.
    • Doesn't break equipment if socket attempt fails


  • @storeall with parameter (ex. @storeall etc) will no longer store FAV items.
  • @storeall equipment will ignore "equipped gears".
Edited by Alara

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