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Changelogs - GM Wendi is born ~~

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Welcome to the beautiful world, GM Wendi ~~
Born: 2017.11.20 - Server Time 13:00 (exact)
Daddy is so proud of you ~~



New Cards

  • Moscovia Series


New Town:

  • Rock Ridge
    • Talk to Karam Pucci in Alberta to access.


Cash Shop

  • All Cash Headgear will lose it's costume status,  and will turn into:
    • Retired Hat
    • Retired Sunglasses
    • Retired Flu Mask
    • Retired Smile Mask
    • All "OLD Gemstones" will be deleted.
    • Note: You can still recycle them to Mato Mato, and if it's refined you can contact me for recycle.
  • Added 1x new costume garment ~~


  • All Limit Academy will now give auto navigation guide, improvement for newbie's to get directions.
  • Added bulk purchase option for:
    • Guarana Candy Maker
    • Chemist Molgenstein
  • Simplified Dye Maker's crafting process.
  • Preview feature for Costume Maker Alice.
  • Moved Malaya's PvP Warper closer to spawn point (previously was too far away!)
  • Added basic town NPCs to Rock Ridge and Verus City.
  • Added special Socket Enchantment NPC Trois in Asgard's Cash Area.
    • Requires Slotting Advertisement item for every socket attempt.
    • Increased chances of socket enchantment.
    • Doesn't break equipment if socket attempt fails. 

Bug Fixes

  • Doram Magical Shadow Shield now reduced Catnip Meteor cooldown based on its skill level.
    • Previously was based on shadow shield refine (bug.)
  • Catnip Meteor's cooldown now fixed at 5 seconds for all levels.
  • Time Holder now has its Tomb.
  • Owl Viscount & Marquis now spawn in Nightmare F3 Only.
  • Fixed Frederich not giving reward for Bijou killing.
  • Should fix 16.1 Rubbish Heap issue. If you can't click, talk to Mistress



  • Nidhoggur's Nest's MvP now drops Dragon Soul.
  • Time Holder  now drops 18874.pngMonocle[1]


  • Added following items to VIP Shop.
    • Slotting Advertisement
    • Infinity Giant Fly Wing Rental


New Costumes

  • Added new costumes to:
    • Costume Girl Alice
      • Angel's Guidance
      • Bloomed Hairpin
      • Heaven's Cage
      • Happy Lunatic Ears
      • Aqua Spell
    • Battleground Shop
      • Camellia Hairpin
      • Debonaire's Hat
      • Tomboy Fairy Ear
    • MvP's Drop
      • Stormy Knight - Ice Drake Horns
      • Valk Randgris - Blessing of Angels
      • Time Holder - Clock Tower Comm Set
    • Normal Castle Treasure
      • Event Box (Emperor)
    • Silk Castle Treasure
      • Event Box (Prince)
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