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Changelogs - Gladiator Tournament!

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More costumes and a brand new Cash Shop experience ~~
Also we can finally introduce a brand new PvP experience of Gladiator Tournament!

💄Item Updates

  • 7701.pngDragon Soul is now tradeable.
  • Cash Headgear's will lose it's effect on 20th November
  • 22808.pngSpecial Gift Box is now useful and has a low chance to give Costume Headgear ~~

👷NPC Updates

  • Minor adjustment to the Mato Mato NPC rate of upgrade gems now 60%/30%
  • Minor adjustment to the Mato Mato NPC, rate of unenchant gems now 5 VIP Coins.
  • Added Gemstone melt for Gemstones.


  • Added new Cash Shop menu interface


  • Moonlight's Rubbish Heap cleaning now working.
  • Fixed Flee Lv3 Gem not giving proper bonus.

Gladiator Time Change:

  • 0415 to 0115
  • 1615 slot remains unchanged.
  • Top 5 Gladiators will be dispelled & received debuff of [-30% Damage] and [-30% Reduction] when entering Arena.
  • 50% General damage reduction within Gladiator Map.
  • More details


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