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Gladiator Tournament

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Gladiator Tournament

A tournament, not about kills, only about Survival ~~
Each minute inside the Arena will reward you with 1 gladiator point ^^
The more you get, the higher you climb up in the ranking list ~~
Number 1, will be displayed on the front page of LimitRO!


The sand drenched in blood, sword arm aches.
Yet another foe approaches,soon he to shall die.
I am the gladiator, battle is my home.
Pain is for the weak, I feel it not
Cut off my limb I shall grow another.
For I am everlasting,I am immortaL
Cry no tears for me, I am the hunter.
The one you fear and dare not speak my name.
Come and vanquish me if you dare


  • Tuesday to Sunday 
    • 01:15 to 02:00
    • 16:15 to 17:00
  • Tournament 1 
    • 2017.11.13 to 2017.11.27
  • Tournament 2
    • 2017.11.27 to 2017.12.11
  • Tournament 3
    • 2017.12.11 to 2017.12.25


  • Imperial Knight
    • image.png
    • Location: Major cities
    • Purpose: Will let you into the Gladiator Arena as Gladiator or Spectator.
  • Gladiator Manager
    • image.png
    • You can check your points here.
    • Claim your 50/100 Glad point rewards here.
    • You can manage your gladiator tournament settings here.

Participation Rules

  • Base level 175
  • 2 minutes re-enter
  • Top 5 penalty status 
    • (-30% dmg & -30% protection)
    • Dispell on Enter
  • MvP Spawn inside Arena
  • 50% General damage reduction within Gladiator Map.
  • 1 Gladiator Point for every minute inside the arena
  • Ranked by Gladiator Points.

Top 5 Reward

Participation Reward

Side Quest


Survive at all cost!



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