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LRO October Roundup - Costumes Make Their Comeback!

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New client, new donation features! A divisive change in the donation system challenged both old and new players. Which side are you? Do you think the new feature paves way for equality or creates further conflict? One thing's for sure, though: some builds fall and new ones emerge! Let's look around and see what happened!


Cash shop headgears are now replaced by in-game costume headgears, which can be enchanted by gemstones in the cash shop.


  • 100% recycle return on Mato Mato for current Cash shop Top, Mid, Low only.
  • Cash shop headgears will be re-released as costume headgears, obtainable from instance drops, shops, WoE treasures, etc.
  • Slotted official mid headgear will be released in the future updates.


Note: Please always patch your client to avoid possible crashes and in-game errors!

  • Adjusted Area view size from 22 to 18 to improve performance and reduce crash
  • Added patches for item and NPC support
  • Patched in AI and AI_sakray folders
  • Patched in latest lro.exe and gepard.dll
  • Fixed client so that compatibility mode setup is no longer needed to play; MAC users can access now. (MAC users should try different Wine version for best performance)
  • Synced all Item Trade restrictions.
  • Renamed all Event Boxes into Costume Box


  • Monster Spawn Rate has been increased to +50% from October 2 to 9!
  • Compensation event: 1 week EXP & Drop Boost from October 30 to November 6 - 200x200x30x (except card drop rates).
  •  For October's Zodiac Return, Costume: Chicken Hat was featured.


  • Added new instances to @inscd, so there's no need to check your cooldown on quest windows!
  • No one likes to listen to the pope's emo twin for ages, so NPC Dialogue in Half Moon in the Daylight instance is now 70% faster.
  • Sky Fortress vicious weapons will now enter the player's inventory directly instead of dropping on floor.
  • Players no longer need to remake party to get Geffen Tournament cooldown after finishing the instance.
  • Old Glastheim monster spawns were improved.
  • Mercenaries have been disabled in Skywave instances.


  • Tomb of Honor updates were added. Here's to a more thrilling nightmare experience!
  • NPC updates:
    • Costume Girl NPC was added near Mr. Wise in Asgard.
    • Verus and Godly Enchants were updated to match Kro standards
    • Socket Enchanting NPC list has been updated:
    • VIP Shop no longer sells donation headgears (top, mid, low) and Safe Refine Tickets.
    • Dead Branch Room rental NPC is added! Xee JeanPink is standing beside Vote Point and Tool Shop in Asgard.
    • PvP Room NPC in Malaya was added.
    • NPC skills were updated to support Tomb of Honor mob skills
  • These strings were disabled on ingame chats to prevent scamming: <GM>, <G M>, <gm>, <Gm>, <gM>, <g m>, <G m>, <g M>
  • Alchemist/Blacksmith/Taekwon ranking will be reset every year.
  • Guild Base Ticket(Event) is now available in Vote Shop and Genie's Event Store.
  • Banquet of Heroes daily quests were added. Farm for the robes!


  • Completed dialogue and components of Episode 15 Quests
  • Preserve won't be canceled on logout
  • Reproduced skills sp consumption is now +30% instead of +100%
  • Auto Shadow will now trigger on all physical attacks instead of short range attacks. (It triggers on short range misc skills currently)
  • Fixed Purring to now give Grooming to party instead of "hiss".
  • Fixed Magical Bullet buff time, it was set to 0sec, now back to 30 seconds.
  • Fixed Wickebine Black Cat Ear slotted version bug.
  • Minor issue in Achievement "Master Job Level" giving OPB instead of LMP.
  • Tomb of Honor Cards now give bonus damage.
  • Fixed some Amulets which were not disabled in Silk Mode.
  • Fixed Flattery & Abusive Robe Combo Effect
  • Fixed Jonin Belt Bonus
  • Tomb of Honor mobs skills now work correctly (Wide Web, Wide Deep Sleep, Psychic Wave, Phantom Thrust, Impressive Riff, Dissonance)
  • Fixed Drooping White Eddga not appearing on quest.
  • Sprite fixes for Comodo Hats


  • VIP Coin guide has been updated in the website with easier instructions! In the future, we plan to send the VIP Coins directly to your character ingame (rodex instead of redeem codes.
  • Banlist is now called Crime List, which cleans 1 time per year.
  • Ranking update: added additional top ranked characters to the front page of the LRO website (Fishing, Blacksmith, Alchemist and Taekwon).
  • We've also had Trainee Helpers in the past month and we'd like to thank them for all their efforts!
    • Shinchou
    • Pooh
    • Chillax (chiiiax)
    • Vados
    • Beneboi
    • Killua Zoldyck
    • Foster Child


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