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Changelogs - Costumes INCOMING!

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A new week with new possibilities, for the community and the in game market.
After the major re-vamp of our Cash Costume and regular Costume merge, it has been firing inside me.
I'm bursting with new ideas, of how to release all costumes, equally to the community!
Long live - fashion =/= cash!

💸Cash Shop

  • Upgrade Gemstone feature will be added to Mato Mato
    • You can upgrade your enchanted Lv 1 Gemstone into Lv2 and Lv3.
      • 70% Chance to success to Lv2 
        • 50% Chance to success to Lv3
    • Each upgrade Requires Zeny
    • If upgrade fail, the Gemstone will be destroyed.
  • Removed all Cash related headgear from Cash shop and VIP shop.
  • Cash shop now sells, Lv2 Gemstone = 40CP, Lv3 Gemstone = 60CP

Event Updates

  • Halloween related events have come to an end!
  • Fishing Tournament 10 has ended - No more Tournaments will be held for awhile, you can read more!
  • Zodiac 11 has started!  

💄Item Updates

  • Protection Gemstone Lv2 is 2% and Lv3 is 4% (ingame wrong description)
  • Costume Invisible Sunglasses obtained from Old Violet Box
  • Costume Invisible Flu Mask obtained from Old Blue Box
  • Costume Invisible Cap obtained from Gift Box.
  • Added new costumes into Costume Box(Peco)


  • Added a fix patch of updated lro.exe and gepard.dll, fixed the CHANGE CHAR crashes.


  • Mato Mato will now accept Golden Fin, Pipe of Prosperity, Poring Sunglasses and A Leek in recycle.
  • Iris Shop in Limit HQ will now sell Costume Box(Balloon)
  • Limit HQ Gear in HQ now sells 19729.pngNovice on Top
  • PvP Arenas has Deadman's Island as PvP map, LimitRO exclusive!
  • Genie Event updates
    • Improved the Event Point rewards ~~
    • Disabled loot on Moonfild.

🐛Bug Fixes

  • Guild member Tab crash fixed.
  • Fixed Faceworm cards not dropping.
  • Fixed Gladiator not reducing points when killed.
    • Now reduces 3 Points
  • Fixed issue where when killed in gladiator you didn't have re-entry cooldown.

🎃Monster Updates



Added a bunch of new Costume Headgear - more info <<<<< CLICK

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