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Changelogs - New Costume feature + Faceworm cards!

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What makes future greater, is when there is a vision, a revolution, and now it's here.
This week, I took the courage to pull thru a first step of the idea of more economy, more balance and more fashion to LimitRO.
From now on, all Costumes will be available for everyone, "Cash Shop will not sell any!"

🎴New Cards:

  • Faceworm Card
  • Dark Faceworm Card
  • Faceworm Egg Card
  • Faceworm Larvae Card
  • Faceworm Queen Card
  • facewormcards.png


  • Gladiator Tournament Revamped

Compensation Event

  • Compensation for the down and unstable 2 past days, I decided to give all this event, and I hope you will like it!
    • 1 week EXP & Drop Boost - 200x200x30x (except card drop rates)

Guild Base

  • Guild Base Ticket(Event) is now available in Vote Shop and Genie's Event Store.


  • Area view size from 22 to 18.
    • To improve performance and less chance to crash.


  • Added NEW Gemstones support
  • Synced all Item Trade restrictions.
  • Renamed all Event Box into Costume Box.


  • Fixed Bijou not dropping Spoon.
  • Fixed Flatery & Abusive Robes not tradable.
  • Playing Pere Card - Should only increase damage on Neutral Monsters.
  • Singing Pere Card- Should only increase magical damage on Neutral Monsters.


  • Disabled mercenaries in Sky Wave.

💸Donation Items

  • Introducing all Costume Top, Mid, Low (Including event costumes) available to enchant with NEW SET of Gemstones.
    • Current Cash Shop Top, Mid, Low, still usable for 1 month ahead.
    • 100% recycle return on Mato Mato for current Cash shop Top, Mid, Low.
  • Releasing a bunch of new cash shop lookalike Costume headgear to Instance drops, shops, Woe treasures etc.
  • There are several with +refined DP hats, you can talk to me on FB, I will give you a Safe Refine tickets for the +refine of the hat in exchange.
  • In future, all hats are free, Cash Shop will no longer sell Hats.
  • Slotted Mid official hats will be released in future.
  • image.png

Costume Update

  • Added Costume Girl NPC near Mr Wise.
    • image.png
  • The following Mobs now drop costumes.
    • Dracula
    • Ifrit
    • Ktullnux.

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