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LimitRO 2017 Client Features

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LimitRO 2017 Client Features

Basic Info Menu

  • Brand new set of menu icons, looks much more prooo ~~
  • If you receive something new, it will notify with image.png - example new Achievement, New stat points etc.
    • image.png

ESC Game options

  • You can now setup game basic settings, advanced settings directly INGAME, without using the "setup.exe"
  • Example, changing Shadow on and off :P 
    • image.png

Mail Feature (not new, but wanna re-introduce it)

  • It's now called "Mail", pretty nice.
  • Maybe I will make the "RodEx" into Mail as well, in near future.
  • image.png

New Party Window (This one is super cool)

  • A bigger party window, with more details - now finally, you can see the "Job name".
  • You can also drag out the Party member to your screen, so you can buff or heal them directly without having the party window open.
  • This is awesome feature for PvE and WoE ~~
    • image.png

New coursor

  • When your Cursor is on a "Unwalkable place" it will display animation like this:
    • image.png

New Set item - Quick Change feature

  • You can add another "Set on the Replace equipment, to switch equipments example a pvp set and Pve set.
  • image.pngimage.png

Replay function.

  • You can now Replay your "replays" directly on the same exe, no longer need to use a new exe for it.
  • image.pngimage.png


Twitter feature

  • You will be able to send ingame snaps to your twitter ;D
    • image.png


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