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Changelogs - New Client & Halloween!

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We are proudly to announce that our client is most recent client from kRO ;)
Wohooo, it's Halloween timesssss <3 Scary stuff is about to happen!
Don't miss out the events, as their rewards won't be available in future!



  • Added pets ~~
    • image.pngimage.png
  • Added new Halloween login screen.
  • Added new LimitRO login logo - removed the old ugly one :P 
  • Added support for future NPC and NPC cutins.


  • Mob Spawn rate back to normal!
  • New game client version 2017-06


    • Many new features
    • Many support for future skill effects and other effects.
    • You can now launch Replayer directly from the game exe.
    • Brand new Party window
      • image.png
    • New menu bar




🐛Skill Fixes

  • auto shadow spell triggers on miss
  • player is now a race that won't stack with other races 


  • Added Jitterbug Instance Cards


  • Fixed Flattery & Abusive Robe Combo Effect
  • Fixed Jonin Belt Bonus
  • Tomb of Honor mobs skills now work correctly
    • Wide Web
    • Wide Deep Sleep
    • Psychic Wave
    • Phantom Thrust
    • Impressive Riff
    • Dissonance

⛰️Dungeon Update

  • Reduced number of Tomb of Honor mobs to summon Mini Boss (130->110)
  • Updated NPC skills to support Tomb of Honor mob skills.

New Trainee Helpers (23/10~6/11)

  • Beneboi
  • A s m I t a
  • Killua Zoldyck
  • Foster Child

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Quick maintenance

  • Fixed Admiral Refine
  • Fixed Drooping White Eddga not appearing on quest.
  • Fixed a possible crash.
  • Fixed Halloween girl bug.


  • Patched in AI and AI_sakray folders
  • Patched in latest lro.exe and gepard.dll 
    • No longer need compability mode to play and MAC users can access now. (MAC users should try different Wine version for best performance)

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