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Changelogs - New Cards & 16.1 Dailies!

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A relaxing week for us to bring you new content!
Many new dailies and completed Episode 16.1 ~


👳Banquet of Heroes Daily Quests

  • Total Reward of 40 Tokens
  • Washing 15 Dishes
  • Griffin Barbeque
  • Unexpected Sauce
  • Clean Life
  • To My Beloved Fellow
  • Lowly Standards
  • Supressing Darkness
  • Bothersome Little Thing
  • Finding Lights
  • Refreshing Prison Life

🐛Bug Fixes

  • Minor issue in Achievement "Master Job Level" giving OPB instead of LMP.
  • Tomb of Honor Cards now give bonus damage.
  • Fixed some Amulet's not disabled in Silk Mode.


  • Added a PvP Room NPC in Malaya.

🃏New Cards

  • Sarah's Memories
    • image.png
    • image.png


  • Brand new Refining window ~~
    • Easier to refine your equipments
    • No need to equip the item to refine.
    • Easier to refine and understand the rates etc.
    • Improve the rates by 1%
  • image.png
  • image.png

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Today's unplanned Reboot

  • Fixed NPC refine bug
  • Released new Refiner NPC located in Asgard Blacksmith table - lower zeny fee.
  • Fixed some dailies not working.

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